Dr Oz: Nuttzo Peanut Free Butter & Binaural Beats Sleepphones


Dr Oz: Sleep Giveaways

Is your Insomnia giving you fits and keeping you up at night? You’re not alone. Dr Oz fans chose sleep remedies and solutions as their #2 most important topic for today’s show, featuring products to help with everything from Energy Boosters to Anti-Aging, and even some Alternative Medicine Solutions. Plus, don’t miss Dr Oz’s Stress Busters, because he said that’s his most requested topic.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to lie down in bed and get a great night’s sleep. But that’s not always so easy. As someone in the audience confessed to Dr Oz, it can be difficult getting to sleep, staying asleep, or making sure you are well rested for the day ahead.


Dr Oz: SleepPhones & Nuttzo Peanut Free Butter

Dr Oz is giving away free products to help you get a better night's sleep. I love the SleepPhones & Nuttzo Peanut Free Butter!

But there are some remedies and products you can try if you’re having trouble getting enough Zs. Here are the products shared on today’s show.

Dr Oz: Nuttzo PF Review

Did you know that your Blood Sugar could play a role in your sleep patterns? Giving it a boost before bed can actually help you get to sleep faster. Try a light snack about half an hour before hitting the hay.


One product Dr Oz suggested is called Nuttzo PF, and it’s a healthy spin on peanut butter crackers. This can boost your Seratonin levels and help the body ease its way to dreamland. Just spread a couple tablespoons of Nuttzo onto some whole grain crackers and get ready to catch up on your rest.

Dr Oz: Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow Giveaway

Your sleep position also plays a major role in whether you’ll be getting good rest through the night. Proper body support as you sleep is key, and finding the right accessories can sometimes seem like a challenge.

Dr Oz explained that the Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow can align your spine, neck, and head, which can lead to more natural and comfortable sleeping positions. This pillow also keeps your body temperature low, which can be helpful through the night.

Dr Oz: Binaural Beats Sleepphones Giveaway

Listening to binaural sounds can soothe the mind and lull you to sleep. Sleepphones are headphones designed for bed, and their rhythms can help you gently slip off to sleep. And since it’s a headband, you don’t have to worry as much about it strangling you in the night.

Dr Oz: St Martin’s Vacation Giveaway

You can stock up on these and all the products from today’s show online at doctoroz.com.

To enter the vacation giveaway to St. Martin’s, you’ll need to unscramble the mystery word. The fourth clue letter is L.

If you’re missing any letters from today’s mystery word, you can find them by reading these articles.


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