Dr Oz: Negative Ion Generators & Origins Peace of Mind Massage Review


Dr Oz: Mood Boosters

If you’re having a bad day, or maybe your bad mood is poisoning your entire week, month, or year, you may want to pay attention. Did you know that a bad mood can also be hazardous to your health?

Today, Dr Oz shared some solutions to improve your mood by targeting your diet as well as your medicine cabinet. These tips and products could help you feel better about yourself and improve your mood, while giving you health benefits at the same time.


Dr Oz: Mood & Health

Did you know getting older makes it harder to overcome a bad mood? Learn the connection between mood and health.

Doctor Oz: Audience Mood Trick

Before the show, Dr. Oz demonstrated how easy it is to change our moods. He had the audience warm-up comic announce that Dr. Oz was called away for an emergency and wouldn’t be able to tape the show today. Though the staff promised everyone tickets to a future show, they became upset and angry.

Obviously the audience figured it out eventually, since the taping went on as scheduled. After revealing his prank, Doctor Oz talked to one audience member who had seemed especially put off at the prospect of being inconvenienced.


Jessica said that she had rearranged her entire schedule and gotten a babysitter for her children so she could visit the show. That’s why she became so upset about the idea that the show fell through at the last minute.

Another woman, Christina, said that she had been looking forward to announcing how she’d lost 10 pounds. She said that the idea of cancelling the taping deflated her mood instantly.

Finally, Rachel said she was angry about the last minute announcement because she’d had her hair and makeup done for her starring role as a member of Doctor Oz’s audience.

How Your Age Impacts Bad Moods

In case there weren’t already enough things to dislike about getting older, now you can add moods to your list. In our 20s, we are better able to bounce back from a bad mood because the body is still very resilient. As you get into your 30s, you’ll notice that you’re not recovering from a bad mood quite so fast.

By the 40s, your body really doesn’t stand much of a chance to overcome a bad mood. What may be most surprising about all this is the connection between mood and health. In addition, the stress associated with all this can lead to increased weight gain. It sounds like the bottom line is that aging is an express trip to being angry and fat.

Dr Oz: Negative Ion Generator Review

But there are some ways you can try to boost your mood by changing the environment around you. The first mood booster on the show was the Negative Ion Generator. The body naturally creates Negative Ions, which help you combat a bad mood.

But irritating external factors, such as Cell Phones and even Dust Pollution, can actually be partly responsible for bad moods, and they can deplete your body’s Negative Ions. Using a Negative Ion Generator can help increase the level of mood resistance in the body.

You can find all types of these generators, in products like Night Lights and Car Generators, that emit mood boosting Negative Ions. Products start at around $20.

Shop for a Purely Products Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ion Generator.

Dr Oz: D-Ribose Supplement Review

You can try a supplement to lower the tension or anxiety that’s building up in your body. D-Ribose is available in a powder, and you can use it as a low-calorie sugar substitute. The recommended dosage is 2000 mg daily.

Doctor Oz said you could mix ½ tsp. of D-Ribose into your tea. The audience taste tester approved of this substitution. The supplement also has benefits for patients suffering from chronic pain.

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Dr Oz: Acupressure Meridian Massage

A technique called Acupressure Meridian Massage can increase blood flow throughout the body, leading to reduced stress. The Origins Peace of Mind Massager, demonstrated on the show, can provide instant relief.

You simply massage this product into the back of the neck, moving up toward your earlobes and temples. Since it contains Eucalyptus and Peppermint, it can also double as an aromatherapy agent. Read more about Aromatherapy Benefits.

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Doctor Oz: Swearing Mood Booster

If you’re trying to break out of your bad mood, there’s something you can try that’s not on this list. It doesn’t cost a thing, and you can do it almost anywhere, as long as there aren’t too many people around.

According to research, Swearing or Cursing can help relieve tension and emotion in the heat of a moment. Dr. Oz recommended giving this a shot, though you may want to consider your surroundings before letting the bad words rip.

To demonstrate, Doctor Oz had the entire audience yell the S-word. Try it for yourself and see if you feel better afterwards.


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