Dr Oz: Miradry Procedure Cures Hyperhidrois & Wendy Williams Cupping


Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Hyperhidrosis

Wendy Williams opened up about her personal life on Dr. Oz today. She talked about dieting when she was in first grade, why she feels good about herself now and she also revealed that she suffers from hyperhidrosis. She isn’t alone either. Dr. Oz also suffers from hyperhidrosis, or sweaty armpits.

Williams said the only time she perspires profusely is when she is hosting her show, The Wendy Williams Show. She said it only happens in her armpits and she has never found a way to make it even slightly better. She has tried everything from medications to different deodorants to Botox, but none of it worked.


Dr Oz Miradry Review

Wendy is in luck today though. A new FDA approved device, called Miradry, has the potential to put an end to her problems.

Miradry is a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis. The procedure is performed by a dermatologist who uses the device to zap the sweat glands in the armpit. Dr. Oz further explained that the device works by putting microwave light waves right down into the tissue in the arm. The heat from the device penetrates the skin deep and knocks sweat glands out of order.

Dr Oz: Miradry Procedure Cures Hyperhidoris & Wendy Williams Cupping

Dr. Oz and Wendy Williams looked at a new device which could cure hyperhidrosis, Miradry, and Wendy Williams revealed she has been cupping.


Dr. Oz said the procedure will have you feeling a bit uncomfortable and there will be some swelling but the hyperhidrosis will be gone forever.

Williams pointed out that Miradry is less expensive than Botox, which on lasts about three months. The price tag is around $1,000 per armpit.

Wendy Williams Ask Wendy Review

Wendy Williams has a new book out, Ask Wendy, where she answers hundreds of letters sent into her asking different questions ranging from health questions to money questions to relationship questions.

She shared some of her advice with Dr. Oz and said you can find more in her book:

  • Never loan money to a friend. If you are too nice to say no, just give them what you can and do not expect it back.
  • Having a friendship with someone should be easy. If it is not easy, then it might be time to break up with your friends.
  • Never find love at work and never look for meaningful relationships at work. She pointed out that a simple raise can end both of those types of relationship in a minute.

Hot Or Not? – Vampire Facials

Dr. Oz wanted to play a health version of Hot or Not so he posed some questions to his audience about some strange health procedures people have been using lately.

  • Vampire Facial – This type of facial is really strange. Doctors take blood from under your arm and then inject it into your face and allow it grow new collagen in the face. Dr. Oz said this trend was not hot because there are no long term benefits and it could be dangerous.
  • Wearing a CorsetJessica Alba wore a corset every single day, all day for two months after her child was born to get her figure back. Dr. Oz said this was not a hot trend either because it could be dangerous to the person, like allowing blood clots to form. Wendy Williams didn’t think it was hot either, saying “women should jiggle.”
  • Cupping – This procedure involves taking a hot cup and placing it on the back where it forms a suction. Wendy Williams was a bit embarrassed to say she does cup but Dr. Oz said he believes there are benefits.

Dr Oz Viewers’ Favorite Skinny Snack For Summer

With summer coming up quick, Dr. Oz asked his audience for the best skinny snacks they could up with for summer.

  • Tart cherry juice popsicles – Put them in a popsicle tray and freeze them. 
  • Sunflower seed butter sandwiches.


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