Dr Oz: Metamucil, Cold Hibiscus Tea + Cinnamon & Cloves Heart Health


Dr Oz: Pill-Free Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

February is Heart Health Month, and Dr Oz dedicated a segment to spreading the word about “pill-free ways to reduce your risk of heart disease.” He recommended Metamucil, cinnamon and cloves, and Hibiscus Tea for a healthier heart.

A woman from the audience had high cholesterol and a family history of Heart Disease, and she wanted to get some advice from Dr Oz. He showed her a model of how blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol can lead to plaque in our arteries.


Dr Oz: Hot or Cold Hibiscus Tea For Blood Pressure

Dr Oz: Metamucil, Cold Hibiscus Tea + Cinnamon & Cloves Heart Health

Do you want to be heart healthy all day, every day? Dr Oz explained how to add hot or cold Hibiscus Tea, Metamucil, and Cinnamon or Cloves to your diet.

The positive news is that you don’t have to turn to medication to get results. Hibiscus Tea was Dr Oz’s first heart health remedy. This is a bright red tea that you can enjoy hot or cold. Drink two or three cups per day to help lower your blood pressure with this tangy-flavored beverage. Would you be willing to try it?

Dr Oz: Cinnamon & Cloves Lower Blood Sugar

If you’re tired of the same old chicken for dinner, spice it up with ingredients that have been proven throughout history to have health benefits. Dr Oz advocated for Cinnamon and Cloves, which he said are known to lower blood sugar by improving the body’s insulin response.


Whether you mix them into breakfast or sprinkle them on apple slices, you can get the benefits. They even work as an alternative coffee sweetener (which is a great way to cut out sugar or artificial sweeteners as well!).

Dr Oz: Metamucil Review for Psyllium Fiber

The last solution Dr Oz featured dealt with Cholesterol by suggesting a way to get more soluble fiber in your diet. Most people do not get enough fiber in their diets, and survey results show that we are not getting close to the minimum fiber we need on a daily basis.

Psyllium Fiber, such as what you get from Metamucil, is a great way to get the soluble fiber you need each day. Bile, Cholesterol, Sugar, and Carbs in our diet can all add up. Soluble Fiber binds to the waste we want to eliminate from the body, Dr Oz said during his extended Metamucil commercial.

He said to add seven grams of Psyllium Fiber to your daily diet, which you can get from a serving of Metamucil in an eight-ounce glass of water. Drink it before every meal, Dr Oz said.


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