Dr Oz: Mastrad Apple Cooker, Magisso Cake Server & Oxo Salad Chopper


Dr Oz: New Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are looking for healthier eating options or even getting a jump start on gift shopping for weddings or holidays, there always seem to be new kitchen gadgets coming on the market.

To help navigate through some of the latest tech trends for your kitchen, Dr Oz invited Steve Greenberg, a gadget expert, to share four of his latest finds.


Dr Oz: Cake Server

Dr Oz shared the latest kitchen gadgets that can help you to cut the perfect slice of cake and make healthier desserts.

Dr Oz: Magisso Cake Server Review

This product takes the hassle and guesswork out of cutting a cake. It’s sized to give you perfect slices and help you manage portion control when it comes to dessert, which can be a tall order for some of us. You simply put it in place and slice it down through the cake for an easy, perfect slice every time. Plus, it’s plastic so cleanup is a breeze.

Shop for the Magisso Cake Server.


Doctor Oz: Oxo Good Grip Salad Chopper Review

Salads are a great healthy meal that many Dr Oz viewers are probably whipping up with regularity. But all that chopping can become tedious after awhile. That’s why Oxo invented the this Salad Chopper, which lets you throw your ingredients together in a bowl, then chop them up all together.

This eliminates the need for a cutting board, which I guess is a good thing. But it seems to just be a glorified pizza cutter. If you’re not interested in being fancy, you can do what I do and use a knife and serving fork (or pizza cutter, for that matter) to quickly chop your salad.

Shop for the Oxo Good Grip Salad Chopper with Bowl.

Dr Oz: Mastrad’s Apple Cooker Set Review

Next, Dr Oz highlighted a gadget that lets you make a perfect, healthy Apple Pie Dessert. This Apple Cooker Set gives you low calories and fat, while still enjoying the flavors of this All American favorite.

Just core an apple and put it in the apple shaped dish. Then toss in Cinnamon, Sugar, and Brown Oats. Microwave it for two minutes and you’ll have a fast, delicious, and healthy Apple Pie Crumble. The method works with other fruits as well, like Berries or Peaches.

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Dr Oz: Stacked Wines Merlot Review

Doctor Oz is always telling us we should reap the health benefits of a glass or two of wine in the evening. But the size of a glass often depends on who’s pouring. That’s where Stacked Wines comes in. They have revolutionized the standard 750 ml bottle of wine into a stacker, separating the contents into four glasses and making portion control easier than ever.

There are just 140 calories per glass, and this system takes the guesswork out of measuring while also keeping your individual wine servings fresh longer.

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