Dr Oz: Klima Confidence Hand Spray & SweatBlock Wipes Reviews


Dr Oz: Annoying Health Problems

Another energy problem that could crop up during the day is the embarrassing medical issues that come up at the worst times. Do you get stressed before a big meeting or interview? Find out how to confront whatever problem comes up so you don’t have to be frazzled or embarrassed. Here are the solutions Dr Oz offered on his show.

Doctor Oz: Hiccups Paper Bag Solution

Dr Oz SweatBlock Wipes

Learn about products that can help you reduce the symptoms of excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis.


We’ve all gotten Hiccups at an inconvenient time, like when you’re on a date or in the middle of a conference call. I’ve always wondered what TV hosts like Dr Oz do to avoid having hiccups in the middle of a show.

Dr Oz said Hiccups happen when food or beverages go down the tubes, directly to your stomach. Your Diaphragm gets irritated and begins to spasm, sending air through the vocal cords, which comes out of your mouth as that familiar and unwanted sound effect.

The solution here is to excuse yourself and find a paper bag. Just breathe into it for a few minutes. This allows your body to recycle the air and carbon dioxide from your lungs, while calming your nerves at the same time. This should clear up your Hiccups problem.


Dr Oz: Flatulence Freer Yoga Technique

Doctor Oz said that the average person creates 1.5 pints of gas every day. This can be caused by carbonated beverages, eating too fast, or even the sulfur content of your meals. But if you want to avoid a gas problem, there is a Yoga technique you can try to clear things up.

To try the Flatulence Freer Yoga position, lean down and bend at your needs. Put your hands on the floor and raise your butt in the air, creating an arc with your body. Lift yourself on tiptoe, then relax the body as you come back down onto your feet.

Wiggle your legs if you need extra help getting the gas out. This might not be appropriate in the office, but see if it works the next time you feel gassy at home.

Dr Oz: Klima Confidence Hand Spray Review

Ashley in the audience admitted to having a sweating problem, which is especially concerning when it’s time to shake hands with someone. She recalled shaking someone’s hand and watching them wipe their hand off.

She’s tried using baby powder and wipes to fix the problem, but nothing’s working. Dr Oz said she suffers from Hyperhidrosis, but there is a product she can try.

It’s called Klima Confidence Hand Spray, and you just have to put it on your hands in the morning. It sounds like deodorant for your hands, but it’s worth a try if you have the same problem as Ashley.

Shop for Klima Confidence Hand Spray.

Dr Oz: SweatBlock Wipes Review

Another product you can try to stop the sweating on your hands is a special wipe.

Sweatblock Wipes can stop your sweating for up to a week after a single treatment. You just wipe the product on your hands and let it work its magic overnight.

Shop for Sweat Block Wipes.


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