Dr Oz: Insomnia Yoga, Aherk, Poop App & Dinner Spinner Pro Review


Dr Oz: Can The Latest Apps Really Make You Healthy?

We have been promised all kinds of wonderful innovations in this age of technology. Dr Oz wanted to explore whether affordable apps could help you to better understand and manage your health. To get real research, he put Human Guinea Pig A.J. Jacobs to the test.

A.J. Jacobs has experimented, tested, and tried a variety of health apps for phones and tablets. With thousands of them on the market, how can you cut through the clutter. From tracking your poop to getting in shape, there is an app for almost everyone.


A.J. said he was surprised by the sheer volume of apps out there for sleeping, dieting, exercise and more. Here are some of the top results from his experiments, as featured on Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Dinner Spinner Pro Review

Dr Oz: Insomnia Yoga, Aherk, Poop App & Dinner Spinner Pro Review

New apps can track every angle of your health, from yoga for insomnia to the connect between your diet and poop. Check out Dr Oz’s latest recommendations.

The Dinner Spinner Pro is an app that helps you find the perfect recipe. From AllRecipes, this app lets you choose the type of meal you want to make, the main ingredient you want to use, and/or the prep time you have in your schedule. Then it comes up with a list of recipes you can choose from.


There is a free version or a paid app that costs $2.99. You can also sort by dietary concerns, depending on your personal needs.

Dr Oz: Aherk Review

Aherk is meant to help you stick to your fitness goals. “If you don’t, you face the consequences,” A.J. said, noting that the app has built-in accountability. If you do not achieve your goal, the app will upload an embarrassing photo of you to Facebook.

This is one of a few Stealth Blackmailing apps that have these built-in consequences to achieve accountability. Aherk is a free motivational fitness app.

Dr Oz: Poop App BM Pro Review

Dr Oz loved the idea of an app to track your poop. BM Pro lets you track your bowel movements, sort of like a reverse calorie counter. You can put in all the data and comments about consistency, water intake, and dietary factors that you can track over days and weeks.

Oz weirdly suggested that you could do this for your friends. One viewer tested the app and she used it to discover that Gluten caused her to become constipated. There is a free version, and the paid edition of BM Pro is $2.99.

Dr Oz: Insomnia App Review with Yoga Poses

For those with insomnia, did you ever guess that yoga might be the answer? Doing this daily can help to cure it, according to a Harvard study. The Insomnia app is $4.99 and will show you yoga poses that can help you get into the right state before bedtime.

A.J. and Dr Oz tested out one of the poses, which is supposed to relax you. Would you try any of the apps featured on the show?



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