Dr Oz: Herbal Plaster & Helichrysum Oil Reviews | $10 Pain Remedies


Dr Oz: Pain Solutions Under $10

If you want to treat your chronic pain without the hassle and expense of going to countless doctor’s appointments, there are ways you can do that to get relief while taking it easy on your wallet.

Dr. Oz invited his pain experts to share their recommendations for the best pain relief products for under $10.


Dr. Oz: Helichrysum Oil Review

Dr Oz: $10 Pain Relief

Did you know the answer to your pain relief could be as simple as a $10 headset?

Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil said that Helichrysum Oil can be great for muscle tension and anxiety. It is diluted in water, then applied directly to your muscles. She said it’s not recommended for the face, because you don’t want it to get in your eyes.

It’s been used in Africa for centuries, and now that we know about it, we can try it out. Check a health food store or shop online to find Helichrysum Oil.


Shop for Helichrysum Oil.

Doctor Oz: Hot/Cold Packs Review

Dr. Christian Whitney recommended the classic Hot/Cold Packs, which he said are in every drugstore for less than $5. But he said you have to use them properly.

Acute injuries tear muscle capillaries, causing inflammation and swelling. That’s the right time to use a Cold Pack to reduce your swelling.

Heat is better for chronic conditions, or preparing your body for activity. He said that athletes can use Hot Packs before working out or running. Then you could use Cold after your exercise if you need it. He said you have to limit heat to 20 minutes, so you don’t increase the swelling or inflammation.

Shop for out Hot/Cold Packs.

Dr Oz: Telephone Headset for Pain Review

Would you have thought that a Telephone Headset could reduce your pain? Dr. Lillie Rosenthal said you can prevent back pain, neck pain, and headaches by using a headset instead of your shoulder to hold your cell phone.

The bad behavior compresses your neck anatomy, usually only on one side of the neck. This can prevent those types of problems before they happen. A Bluetooth headset can achieve many of the same things, but I guess it’s not on the list since they’re usually more than $10.

Shop for a Telephone Headset.

Dr Oz: Medicated Herbal Plaster Review

Next on the list was Herbal Plaster, a pain reliever that you can apply directly to the area that’s in pain, such as your wrist for Carpal Tunnel pain. Dr. Oz reported that the pad smelled great as Dr. Shelley Wroth applied it to his arm.

The patch can stay on for up to a few hours, and you can change it multiple times per day, but you can’t apply it to areas that have burns or cuts. Also, watch out for hairy areas such as arms and legs. Dr. Wroth said your best bet on removing it from a hairy arm is waiting until you’re getting out of the shower or bath.

Check out Herbal Plaster for your pain.


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