Dr Oz Health Apps: Epocrates Rx for Drug Interactions & Map My Walk


Dr. Oz: Best Free Health Apps

Dr. Oz said some of the best ways to help your health are ownloading some of the best apps on the internet. He said many of the health apps can be life changing and many of them cost little to no money. And with hundreds of health apps out there, Dr. Oz called on the help of tech expert Steve Greenberg to help him find the best health apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, as well as tablets.

Dr. Oz: Instant Heart App Review

Greenberg showed Dr. Oz the Instant Heart Rate App, an app you can download on your phone for free, which uses the same technology as hospitals. The app is used to show your heart rate and let you know where you fall, whether it is below average, average or above average. All the app user needs to do it put their finger over the camera of the phone and the app will do the rest.


Dr. Oz tried it and had a heart rate of around 60, which is excellent for a man his age.

Dr. Oz: Map My Walk App Review

The second app Greenberg showed the audience and Dr. Oz was the Map My Walk App, which combined GPS with a pedometer. The app tracks where the person walked and how many steps the person took in one day. It also shows just how many calories you have burned that day while walking. Greenberg said it can be a bit annoying when the app reminds you to walk more, but he said it is motivating and challenges you to walk more than you walked the previous day. Best part about it? It’s free.

Dr Oz Health Apps: Epocrates Rx for Drug Interactions & Map My Walk

Dr. Oz sits down with tech genius Steve Greenberg to see what kind of health apps are out there. He found numerous including the Mole Detective App, the Instant Heart Rate app, and Epocrates Rx.


Dr. Oz: Mole Detective App Review

The third app Greenberg displayed was the Mole Detective App. Sounds fun, but is actually just like a mini dermatologist. The user can take a picture of a mole on their body and the app with analyze the mole to see if it could be cancerous. It also keeps track of the mole if you keep taking pictures too let you know if it is becoming too unhealthy and something that may need to be looked at. Downside; it costs $4.99.

Dr. Oz: Epocrates Rx App

The fourth app Greenberg showed the viewers was the best one he had found, and one Dr. Oz already had on his phone. The Epocrates App shows the different interactions between drugs. Dr. Oz did an example where he put in a common blood pressure drug and the drug ibuprofen. The app found one interaction between the drugs. The interaction said the drugs combined could cause kidney failure and make the blood pressure drug less effective. A very smart, free app. (It sounds like Hippocrates Rx, right? Be sure you’re spelling it right to find it in your app store.)



  1. errol Williamson says

    Epocretes is a professional product. There is no need to cheapen it by association with a cartoon called Dr. Oz.

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