Dr Oz Health Apps: Epocrates Rx for Drug Interactions & Map My Walk


Dr. Oz: Best Free Health Apps

Dr. Oz said some of the best ways to help your health are ownloading some of the best apps on the internet. He said many of the health apps can be life changing and many of them cost little to no money. And with hundreds of health apps out there, Dr. Oz called on the help of tech expert Steve Greenberg to help him find the best health apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, as well as tablets.

Dr. Oz: Instant Heart App Review

Greenberg showed Dr. Oz the Instant Heart Rate App, an app you can download on your phone for free, which uses the same technology as hospitals. The app is used to show your heart rate and let you know where you fall, whether it is below average, average or above average. All the app user needs to do it put their finger over the camera of the phone and the app will do the rest.


  1. errol Williamson says

    Epocretes is a professional product. There is no need to cheapen it by association with a cartoon called Dr. Oz.

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