Dr Oz: Frownies, Prospera Massager & Phloretin CF Gel for Aging


Dr Oz: Premature Aging

All of us feel our age sometimes, and as the old saying goes, we aren’t getting any younger. But there is some good news. There are remedies and solutions you can try to reverse the effects of aging.

Dr. Oz teamed with top dermatologists to share how you can tell whether you’re aging prematurely, and how to keep yourself looking young and beautiful.


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Remedies

Are you aging too fast? Dr Oz and his guests shared their best anti-aging remedies.

Dr Oz: Three Wrinkle Rule

Danielle is a mother of two who said she always worries about protecting her children’s skin, but not her own. Now she is noticing more wrinkles on her forehead.

Doctor Oz shared his first aging test, called the Three Wrinkle Rule. He said that if you’re under age 30 and you can count more than three wrinkles when you raise your eyebrows, you could be aging prematurely.


Dr Oz: Frownies Patches Review

There is some good news. You can do something about this problem, according to dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur. She showed off Frownies Patches, which you apply to the skin on your forehead before bed at night. This will teach your skin to stretch.

Shop for Frownies Facial Patches.

Dr Oz: Gray Hair Test

Another woman in the audience complained about the gray hair she’s been noticing over the last two years. She said she now has her hair colored at least every six weeks.

Dr. Howard Brooks, another dermatologist, said that genetics do determine your gray hair, but stress can also be a factor in its development. He said you can test for gray hair by checking your hairbrush every month or so to see if the number of gray hairs is growing.

Dr Oz: Chlorella Supplement Review

If you’re already battling gray hair, try taking 100 mg of Chlorella Supplement daily. Shop for Chlorella.

Dr Oz: Sunspots & Skin Test

Diana said she started noticing sunspots on her hands in her early 40s, and she’s stopped wearing jewelry because it draws attention to them. Dr. Jordana Gilman said that people with fair complexion will see sunspots earlier than others. They first form smooth, flat, light brown spots, and over time they’ll raise and become rough.

There are some skin test you can use to check whether your skin is aging too fast. Pinch the back of your hand, then let go. If you’re under age 40, your skin should bounce right back. If not, you could be prematurely aging. Another test you can do is holding your hands next to your face in the mirror and comparing the skin’s appearance.

Dr Oz: Phloretin CF Gel Review

Dr. Gilman mentioned Phloretin CF Gel as a treatment to fight aging spots. You can spray the gel in your hand and massage it into the skin. Its antioxidants help to lighten spots, while protecting against further damage.

You can use this treatment each morning, rubbing the gel on your face and then your hands, where you are noticing the sun spots. Shop for Phloretin CF Gel.

Dr Oz: Sunspots Lemon Juice Remedy

Dr. Gilman also said you can use lemon juice to fight the early signs of Sunspots. It’s a natural remedy that works like a chemical peel. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it right on the spots.

Read more Home Spa Remedies & Treatments.

Dr Oz: Prospera Pulse Massager Review

Do you or someone you know need a solution for Saggy Knees? One woman in the audience said she used to make fun of her mom’s knees and now she has the same problem. That’s why you get for making fun of your mom. Now the woman won’t wear shorts because of this problem.

There are many causes for sagging knees, including genetics, weight, lack of exercise, and even gravity, according to Dr. Jeanine Downie. You can naturally target your knees by getting more active and exercising.

If you’re looking for another approach to sagging knee skin, try the Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager, to stimulate the muscle in the area. Shop for a Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager.

Dr Oz: Rose Hip Seed Oil

Dr Oz and his experts recommended a few more treatments and remedies, including skin moisturizing Rose Hip Seed Oil, with Vitamin A. It can help your damaged skin.

Dr Oz: Cornflower Anti-Aging Remedy

You can even use Cornflower as a natural aging remedy. Just add a teaspoon of Cornflower to hot water. Strain the liquid, then chill it.

When it’s cool, you can apply it around your eyes using a cotton ball or fingertip, but be gentle with this delicate skin area.

Dr Oz Strawberry Face Mask Recipe

Finally, Dr Oz shared a quick, easy recipe for a Strawberry Facial. Just add ¼ cup strawberries to ¼ cup yogurt, and apply it to your skin for 15 minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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