Dr Oz: Free Meditation Apps, Liquid Vs Tablets Cost & Saving Money


Dr Oz: Stay Healthy Without Going Broke

When you think about eating healthy, maybe your mind wanders to the prices at Whole Foods and thinks, “I can’t afford to be healthy.” But Dr Oz wanted to prove that notion wrong by highlighting affordable options that can keep you feeling well. Learn about free meditation apps, aloe vera, and tablet vs liquid medicine.

Patrick and Jessica, a married couple, were on the show to talk about saving vs spending when it comes to health products. Which of the following options is the most affordable and best option for a health problem? See how you do on this quiz.


Dr Oz: Cold & Flu Multi-Symptom Vs Nasal Decongestant

If you have a cold and the main symptom is a stuffy nose, which is better: cold & flu multi-symptom vs nasal decongestant?

Dr Oz: Free Meditation Apps, Liquid Vs Tablets Cost & Saving Money

Dr Oz quizzed a married couple about the most affordable ways to stay healthy, from choosing tablet over liquid medicine to using free apps to get to sleep.

The correct answer is nasal decongestant, which was less than half the price of the multi-symptom product and targeted the specific symptom in question.


Dr Oz: Antacid Liquid Vs Tablets Cost

For an upset stomach after a meal, should you choose an antacid liquid or antacid tablets? Think Maalox vs Tums. According to Doctor Oz, you can get better results at half the price by choosing the antacid tablets.

“This is important for all medications. The tablets are generally the most cost-effective way of getting the medication. They last longer,” Dr Oz said.

Dr Oz: Topical Ointment Vs Aloe Vera Cost

For a burn, what is the best and most affordable treatment? Would you choose topical ointment or aloe vera? For a fraction of the cost, Aloe Vera is the better way to go. Cold water and aloe vera are most effective in treating burns, so don’t worry about an antibiotic ointment.

Dr Oz: White Noise Sleep CD Vs iPhone Free Meditation Apps

If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, is it more affordable to pop in a white noise CD or tap on an iPhone app? Dr Oz said the iPhone app is free, which is cheaper than even an affordable CD.

Doctor Oz said there are more than 100 free apps available to help people get to sleep, so that is a very cost-effective solution.


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