Dr Oz Free Giveaways: Sodastream Fizz & Keurig Vue Brewing System


Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Product Giveaways

Doctor Oz shared some of his most popular topics on this show, featuring some of his best advice through the years. He let viewers vote about their favorite subjects, and the first was Anti-Aging Solutions. It was a busy hour, because he also talked about Natural Remedies, Sleep Solutions & Stress Busters.

Next on the audience’s list was Energy Boosters, which are definitely a common discussion topic on this show. Dr Oz unveiled a variety of products and snacks that can help you inject a little more liveliness into your day for extra energy.


Dr Oz Sodastream Giveaway

Dr Oz suggested the Keurig Vue Brewing System to make your coffee.

Dr Oz: Navitas Cacao Goji Power Snacks Review

Dr Oz invited four tired women from across America to help him explore these Energy Boosters. First up was Karen, who tries to fight her exhaustion by eating candy. That is probably not a very effective or healthy strategy. She also said she has problems with portion control when it comes to her sweets.

A healthier option, according to Oz, is eating Superfoods that will help you bust through fatigue. Goji is called a miracle berry when it comes to fatigue, and Dr Oz has featured it on the show before. When combined with Cacao, it can satisfy those cravings for sweets while giving you a pick me up.


These ingredients come together in Navitas Cacao Goji Power Snacks.

Dr Oz: Keurig Vue Brewing System Review

Laura is mom to four daughters under age 7 (that sounds like my worst nightmare!), and her children are understandably sucking the life out of her during their every waking moment. She tries to stay amped up on coffee to get through the day.

But Dr Oz pointed out that the caffeine high from coffee is followed by an unpleasant crash later in the day. Dr Oz said regular coffee drinkers should limit themselves to four cups of regular a day (hey, I could be squeezing in an extra cup!), choosing dark roasts and using hot water.

Dr Oz suggested trying the Keurig Vue Brewing System, which makes individual cups of coffee in just seconds. It’s handy, and you can even get reusable cups to fill with your favorite coffee, so you’re not constantly shelling out for expensive refill packs.

Dr Oz: Kitchen Table Bakers Flaxseed Parmesan Crisps Review

Deborah was another harried mom who admitted that she feels worn down by midafternoon. Dr Oz suggested one of his favorite snacks, Flaxseeds and cheese.

Check out What’s In Dr Oz’s Pantry.

He recommended the Kitchen Table Bakers Flaxseed Parmesan Crisps, which are tangy and crunchy, making them a guilt-free afternoon snack.

Dr Oz: Sodastream Fizz Review

Like Laura, Stephanie is trying to get her energy fix from caffeine, but the crash can be brutal. She likes a fizzy caffeine fix though, so Oz told her she can try making her own soda using citrus flavor and seltzer water.

The Sodastream Fizz system can help you do this, and it makes a healthier alternative to manufactured sodas. You could even mix in a little of your favorite alcoholic beverage, though I’m not sure that counts as an energy booster

Dr Oz: Caribbean Vacation Giveaway

You can enter to win these and other products through Dr Oz’s official website, doctoroz.com.

While you’re there, enter to win a vacation by unscrambling the mystery word from today’s show. The second letter in the scrambled word is R.

If you want to collect the other letters so you can unscramble the mystery word, use these links:


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