Dr Oz: Free Giveaways: Fix My Skin Healing Balm & Krazy Coupon Lady


Dr Oz: Free Giveaways

Most of the time, TV shows only give away their best goodies during the holidays. But Dr. Oz fans are in luck, because he and his guests had some great swag to share on today’s show.

Margot Gilman, editor of Prevention magazine, came by to share some of her favorites, and they’re all available for free.


Dr Oz: Free Giveaways

Check out the resources and companies that offer free giveaways, as seen on Doctor Oz.

Dr. Oz Lulelemon and Athleta Exercise

If you’ve been looking to jump start your workout routine, you should check out Lululemon and Althea, which offer free exercise classes. They offer a range of Pilates and Yoga classes, and since they’re free, the price is certainly right.

Dr. Oz: Starbucks Birthday Club

Starbucks is one of many retailers that offer rewards programs for regular customers. You can sign up with them to get free gifts on your birthday, such as a free cup of coffee. All you have to do is sign up on their website and you’ll get your favorite beverage for free on your birthday.


Doctor Oz: Sephora Gift

If you love cosmetics, why not get those for free too? Sephora gives out free products every month for people’s birthdays. This month, you could be celebrating with free lip gloss, so check out their stores or website to sign up and get in on the giveaways.

Dr Oz: KrazyCouponLady.com

KrazyCouponLady.com is a shopping resource featuring coupons from stores and manufacturers. Many of the offers are for new introductory products, so you can load up on free samples. The site also allows you to sign up for alerts so you don’t miss out on new product offers.

Dr Oz: Fix My Skin Balm Giveaway

Fix My Skin is a skin care product that can help your skin heal by using Hydrocortisone and other ingredients. It’s a $12 value, but the company is giving it away for free to the first 2,000 people who log on to doctoroz.com at 3 p.m. EDT on March 27 2012.

Dr. Oz is also giving away Blood Glucose Tests on his site tomorrow. I just hope that all the fans don’t crash his site with this extra traffic.

Dr. Oz: Godiva Chocolate Giveaway

If you need a little sweetness, check out the Godiva Chocolate Rewards Program. Each month, you can pick a free chocolate from your local store. That’s a good deal that keeps on giving throughout the year, not just on your birthday. Get details at godiva.com.


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