Dr Oz: Fleet Saline Enema, Phillips Milk of Magnesia & Phazyme Reviews


Dr Oz: Gas & Constipation

Dr Oz shared the latest Cellulite Treatments on his show, which also featured Metabolism Supplements. Next, he shifted to some over the counter products you can trust to manage common gas and constipation symptoms. Find out why he featured the Fleet Saline Enema, Phillips Milk of Magnesia, and the Thermacare Heat Patch.

To help explain the benefits of these OTC products, Dr Oz talked with Dr Kerri Peterson, who said that one in four women suffers from regular indigestion, but they are using the wrong products to deal with it.


Dr Oz Constipation: Fleet Saline Enema Review

Dr Oz: Fleet Saline Enema & Phillips Milk of Magnesia Reviews

Dr Oz featured OTC remedies for gas, bloating and cramps, including the Fleet Saline Enema and Phillips Milk of Magnesia.

Jeanne from the audience said she is Anemic and takes Iron Supplements as part of her diet. But that results in the side effect of constipation, for which she uses a stool softener.

But Dr Peterson explained that a stool softener won’t give you immediate relief, because it takes 12-17 hours to kick in. Instead, she suggested the Fleet Saline Enema. Dr Oz even demonstrated the product, explaining that the stream it produces will loosen stool in just a few minutes, giving you nearly instant relief.


Dr Oz Heartburn: Phillips Milk of Magnesia Review

Deana was also in the audience, and her issue is Heartburn. She said that she has tried treating her symptoms using a Protein Pump Inhibitor. Once again, Dr Peterson explained that there is a faster way to get relief.

In this case, the better option is Phillips Milk of Magnesia. A key ingredient is magnesium, which means it dissolves quickly. The disadvantage is that the effects of calcium products will last longer, though they take longer to kick in. But Dr Peterson said you could use Milk of Magnesium in combination with a calcium product.

Dr Oz Gas: Phazyme Review

Jen was the next audience volunteer, and she said that she eats a healthy diet with the goal of preventing gas or bloating. Dr Peterson said that any type of diet could contain components that cause gas. She suggested a product containing Simethicone, which will dissipate gas. She recommended Phazyme Gas Relief, which is fast acting and long lasting, according to Dr Peterson.

Dr Oz Cramps: Thermacare Heat Patch Review

Last but not least, Emily shared her problems with stomach cramps. She said she takes Ibuprofen for her symptoms.

According to Dr Oz and Dr Peterson, cramps can be caused by various problems, such as Diarrhea or Menstruation. Ibuprofen could actually cause more pain or cramps in some cases.

Instead, try using a Thermacare Heat Patch, applied directly to the skin where you’re having cramps.

Did you learn something new about treating gas, bloating and other common pains? Have you been taking the wrong over the counter product?


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