Dr Oz: FlavorWave Oven Turbo, Ab Glider & Sandbell Review


Dr Oz: Infomercial Product Reviews

If you’re an insomniac or just a TV fanatic, you’ve probably seen the advertisements and paid programs we’ve come to know as infomercials. They typically air in the wee hours of the morning, showcasing products and making promises that seem too good to be true. Products such as the Sandbell, the Ab Glider and The FlavorWave Oven Turbo.

To get to the bottom of their fantastic claims, Doctor Oz invited some experts to report back on a few of these popular items and find out whether they really work.


You’re going to need some exercise equipment after today’s show. Hungry Girl Pasta Recipes and Dr Oz’s Carb Snack Reviews were just the beginning. I think I gained a pound just reading about Food Network Chili and Turkey Meatball Recipes.

But Clint Carter, editor of Men’s Health, and fitness expert Ary Nunez took on Dr Oz’s assignment of reviewing as seen on TV products. Here is what they found out.

Dr Oz: Infomercial Reviews

Are the health & fitness products as seen on TV really too good to be true? Dr Oz investigated the FlavorWave Oven Turbo, the Ab Glider and the Sandbell.


Dr Oz: Ab Glider Review

The Ab Glider promises to help you sculpt your six pack and get a firmer midsection, all while watching TV. Ary reported that working out with the Ab Glider feels like doing 100 sit ups in three minutes. (That reminds me of Dr Oz’s Five Minute Workouts.) Ary and Clint gave the Ab Glider two thumbs up.

Dr Oz: Flavorwave Turbo Oven Review

Are you tired of cleaning out your oven after you cook? Are you curious about the lofty claims of products like the Flavorwave Turbo Oven? This product says it can cook any frozen or fresh food item perfectly, minimizing fat and making cleanup a breeze.

It works by using a halogen light that gets up to 500 degrees, which is how it gets meat done so perfectly. A grate at the bottom collects fat drippings, but doesn’t dry out the food.

Dr Oz: Sandbell Review

The last product these two investigated was the Sandbell. It works just like a medicine ball or dumbbell, but it’s easier to pack away when you’re not using it (that means no more stubbing your toe after forgetting it’s under the bed).

The team decided it’s a versatile product, and you can even use it for lunges or while working your abs. Basically, you can customize and incorporate it into any workout, or even toss it back and forth with a friend.

Ary and Clint seem sold on these products, but that doesn’t mean all infomercial products work as well as they claim. Buyer beware!

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