Dr. Oz: Dr. Furhman’s ‘Eat to Live’ Review – Food Can Wipe Out Cancer


Dr. Oz: Dr. Joel Furhman

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Joel Furhman to the show to talk about his best selling book Eat To Live. Dr. Furhman said he has the secret to weight loss and living a healthy life. Dr. Furhman said you can rid yourself of pain and exhaustion, not by taking medication, but by eating healthy food.

Dr. Oz: Testimonials Dr. Furhman’s Plan Works

Dr. Oz brought up a few of Dr. Furhman’s patients who have had extraordinary changes to their health by changing what they eat everyday. Jessica was taking a number of medications each day, each medication for a different disease or pain. When she started eat correctly and listened to what Dr. Furhman wrote in his point, she stopped taking medications all together and felt better than ever.


Heather was a another patient who has extreme fatigue and could only sleep for one hour each night. After she started on Dr. Furhman’s plan she was able to sleep all through the night and also lost 55 pounds.

Dr. Oz: The Doctors Talk About Health

Dr. Oz: Dr. Furhman's 'Eat to Live' Review - Food Can Wipe Out Cancer

Dr. Oz invites Dr. Joel Furhman to the show to talk about getting rid of medications and eating better, healthier foods.

Dr. Oz asked why so many people listened to Dr. Furhman and the things he was teaching. Dr. Furhman said people used the method because it works and because people want to invest in their long term health. Dr. Furhman said no one has to have cancer. No one has to have dementia. No one has to be fatigued. All these things can be solved simply by eating the right foods.


Dr. Furhman went on to explain that medications are not the answer. Dr. Furhman gave the analogy of taking your car to a machanic. When you take it to the mechanic because the check engine light is one, if the mechanic cuts one cord the light goes off, you feel better about the car and then the car stops working and you have no idea why. Medications do the same thing, said Dr. Furhman. They do not solve the problem, they mask it.

Dr. Oz: Solving the Healthcare Crisis and the New Food Pyramid

Dr. Furhman said the Healthcare crisis is not going to be solved in Washington. It is going to be solved by giving people more information about being healthy and by acting on the information to stay healthy. Dr. Furhman reiterated that cancer, diabetes, strokes and hundreds of other diseases do not need to exist.

Dr. Furhman also made a new food pyramid which goes against the one we all have grown up with since we were little kids. The main difference is the base of the pyramid is solely vegetables because vegetables can help to fight cancer and are fair healthy than straches. Dr. Furhman said strawberries have 700 different nutrients and broccoli has over 1000 different nutrients, yet we do not eat them as much as we eat meat and processed foods. Vegetables can help to stop the growth of fat, the place cancer cells grow. Dr. Furhman mentioned many medications, such as insulin, make fat grow, giving cancer a place to develop and produce.

Dr Oz: Food Can Wipe Out Cancer

Dr. Furhman said we can wipe out cancer. He pointed to the fact that Korea, 30 years ago, had a 1 in 10 cancer rate compared to the United States. As the country became more Westernized, cancer skyrocketed and he believes it is due to all the processed foods and the amount of medications people are taking, especially the older generations. Dr. Furhman said 90% of people over 60 take some kind of medication daily.


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