Dr Oz: Does Cryotherapy Really Work? + Flotation Therapy


Dr Oz: Pain Management

Dr Oz was talking about pain management and explained that one of the most popular techniques for pain management these days involves temperatures that hundreds of degrees below zero. Sounds crazy right? Dr Oz said he was actually going to test it out himself, right there on stage, to find out if cryotherapy can actually work to help ease your pain.


Dr Oz: How Cryotherapy Works

Dr Oz: Does Cryotherapy Really Work + Cold Therapy Pain Management

Dr Oz wanted to see for himself if cryotherapy was worth it and could really help with pain management. (olibac / Flickr)

The classic thing to do for pain and inflammation is ice ir or take an ice bath. The temperature of an ice bath is about 50 degrees, so imagine what happens if you enter a device that takes you to 240 degrees below zero. Talk about a shock! Dr Oz explained, with the help of two audience members, that when your body is exposed to cold, it tightens up your blood vessels. As your vessels tighten, blood pours back into your heart and oxygen joins the blood and then begins to pour back into the body, to places where ou may have injuries.

That’s where the healing starts, because the chemicals responsible for inflammation and pain, are changing. So would you risk the cold if it could relieve your pain?


Dr Oz: Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Mark Murdock, a former basketball coach and a current cryotherapy expert, explained that comparing cryotherapy to ice is like comparing a full night’s sleep to a cat nap. When you leave the cryotherapy chamber, for the next 36-48 hours, the brain targets the areas of inflammation or pain, targeting them with red blood cells and endorphins.

Dr Oz was joined by two women who have actually been using cryotherapy, and they both thoroughly believe that it works to cut own their recovery time. One woman even called it “the fountain of youth” saying after just the second treatment, she noticed injury improvement and even cellulite reduction.

Dr Oz: Does Cold Therapy Really Work?

Dr Oz was pumped up and excited to get in the cryotherapy chamber, and Mark explained that Dr Oz had to wear socks and gloves because anything that extends off the body needs to be covered to avoid frostbite. While in the chamber, Dr Oz kept commenting on how cold it was, while Mark explained that the cold air was going over the surface of the skin, only going about a half a millimeter deep, although Dr Oz said it ewas cold enough to take his breath away. Mark said the first time is the hardest.

Dr Oz compared it to be a little kid waiting for the school bus in the cold. Dr Oz survived though, and said it was certainly invigorating. Mark said some people will feel like they’re getting warmer, and that’s because of the blood flow. Dr Oz said he was starting to feel lightheaded, but then said he certainly thinks cryotherapy is worth a shot when it comes to shortening your recovery time.

Would you try cryotherapy? Have you ever tried an ice bath to relieve pain? What’s the best technique you’ve found to quickly overcome injuries?

Dr Oz: What Is Flotation Therapy?

Dr Oz wanted to test out a relaxation technique called flotation therapy that promises to soothe and heal the body from pain, while providing a total sense of calm. He visited the Cloud Aquatic flotation parlor to try epsom salt flotation to find out if it could really help him relax. The tanks have over 1,100 pounds of epsom salt in them, which allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. The session lasts for an hour.

Dr Oz: Trying Flotation Therapy

Dr Oz said he almost felt like he was in syrup or on a cloud, rather than water. He also noticed tha his senses seemed to shut off, helping him experience total relaxation. He said he felt incredibly comfortable and ultimately helped him feel less stressed. He said every inch of his body relaxed. If you’re considering going, you don’t have to know how to swim, but it could be a bit uncomfortable for those with claustrophobia. As for price, it costs about the same as a massage.

If you have open wounds, you should avoid this therapy, because the salt can get in there and burn. But you’re provided ear buds so you don’t have to wory about it getting in your ears. If you have epilepsy, skin conditions, or incontinence, flotation therapy isn’t for you. Dr Oz voted that flotation therapy was effective.


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