Dr Oz: Do Smart Drugs Really Work? + What’s In Nootropics?


Dr Oz: Cotton Candy Grapes

Dr Oz was twirling cotton candy and explained that there are actually grapes that taste like cotton candy. Sounds delicious right? He explained that there are two different kinds of green grapes: green seedless grapes and cotton candy grapes. Green seedless grapes have 13 grams of sugar and 58 calories while cotton candy grapes have 14 grams of sugar 50 calories, so not much of a difference.

He showed what the grapes look like, pointing out that they look pretty normal. Some audience members tried the and thought they tasted really good, saying it’s worth the extra gram of sugar. One even called it a “dessert” in her mouth. Dr Oz said if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, go ahead and go for it, it is fruit after all!

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