Dr Oz: Dip Clip, Healthy Meatloaf Baker & Fat Magnet Kitchen Gadgets


Dr Oz: Fat Cutting Kitchen Gadgets

When it comes to cooking at home, flavor is your friend, but fat is the enemy. Dr. Oz invited Shape magazine editor Bahar Takhtehchian to introduce some fun kitchen toys and gadgets that can make it easier for you to cook healthier meals that still taste great.

Bahar recommended avoiding oily, greasy foods, as well as fatty proteins. She said that monitoring your portion control is another way to control your fat intake. Here are the products she showed off during the show.


Dr Oz: Fat Cutting Gadgets

Dr Oz showed off kitchen gadgets that can actually suck the fat out of your meals.

Dr Oz: Dip Clip Review

The Dip Clip actually clips right onto your plate, helping you with portion control when it comes to salty snacks such as chips. Filling the Dip Clip with your favorite snack dip can keep you from overdoing it on the cheesy dips and other indulgences we love to snack on.

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Dr. Oz: Healthy Meatloaf Baker Review

Meatloaf has been a staple of American comfort food for decades, but it can be very greasy. The Healthy Meatloaf Baker helps cut the fat and grease, by keeping your meatloaf from soaking in it during the cooking process.

The Meatloaf Baker Tray goes in your regular pan when you bake a meatloaf. It raises the meatloaf, letting the drippings of fat and grease collect underneath, in the pan, instead of in your body. It also works for other dishes besides meatloaf.

Doctor Oz: Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet Review

The Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet has a catchy name, and it also works its magic on meatloaf, as well as other hearty dishes such as Lasagna. It goes in the freezer for at least 2 ½ hours before you’re ready to use it.

Then you place it on top of your dish before serving. Skim the surface using the magnet and it will collect the grease and fat that are floating on top. That’s gross to think about, but it’s even more gross to imagine all that seeping into your body.

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Dr Oz: Bluapple Packets Review

How often do you buy produce or other products that end up going bad before you have a chance to use them? Some estimates suggest we each waste $600 a year on unused produce we have to throw out. Now you can help your fresh foods last longer by using Bluapple Packets.

They contain volcanic ash, and can get produce to last three times longer than normal. All you have to do is stick a packet in your fruit bowl or the produce drawer in your refrigerator.

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