Dr Oz: Dandelion Tincture, Black Bean C3G Fat Burn & Cranberry Memory


Dr Oz: Stress Buster & Fat Fighter

After revealing his best energy boosters, such as kiwi salsa and no bake energy bars, Dr Oz shared some ways you can fight fat and reduce your stress. Learn how dandelion tincture, cranberry memory boosts and C3G fat burn foods can help you.

Dr Oz: Antioxidant Stress Busters

Dr Oz: Dandelion Tincture, Black Bean C3G Fat Burn & Cranberry Memory

Dr Oz shared advice for losing weight with Black Beans & C3G, boosting memory using cranberries, and Dandelion Tincture to relieve stress.


You probably know that antioxidants are good for your health, because they can help to prevent cancer as well as giving you more longevity. But according to Dr Eva Selhub, they are also great for lowering stress, busting fat, and even sharpening your memory.

Dr Selhub said that animal and human testing has repeatedly come to the same conclusions about antioxidants. Check out her list of healthy foods to find at your grocery store.

Dr Oz: Dandelion Tincture & Chicoric Acid Foods

Dr Selhub told Doctor Oz that Chicoric Acid is the food component you are looking for. It is a natural antidepressant and it boosts dopamine levels. Chicoric Acid lowers levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, and can alleviate muscle aches or pains.


Eat four to five servings per week from foods such as Chicory Root Powder or Basil. You can also drink Dandelion Tincture. Just add 30 drops to a glass of water, up to five times throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Cranberry Memory Benefits

Next on the list is Pterostilbene, which may be hard to say, but it can help you remember its name, because it is a natural memory booster.

It has been studied on adults in their 70s who showed symptoms of cognitive decline. They drank Pterostilbene in a juice twice daily and had improved cognitive function. But Dr Selhub said anyone at any age can get the benefits.

Dr Oz: Pterostilbene Supplement Dosage

You can try a 50 to 150 mg Pterostilbene Supplement dosage per day, depending on weight. Other sources include:

  • one cup of Cranberries
  • a glass of Cranberry Juice
  • 1/4 cup Peanuts two to three times per week

Dr Oz: Black Bean C3G Fat Burn

Next on the list was C3G, which helps the body burn fat instead of storing it for later energy. According to Dr Eva Selhub, a good source of C3G is a cup each of black beans and black rice, served in a lettuce wrap. It is also available in C3G supplement form.

Dr Oz: C3G Food Sources

C3G sources include:

  • Black Rice
  • Black Beans
  • Black Bean Extract Supplement (1 gram daily)

Make sure to include C3G food in your diet three times per week to fight fat retention.


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