Dr Oz: Common Ingredients in Relaxation Drinks & Do They Really Work?


Dr Oz: What Is a Relaxation Drink?

Half of the time people are complaining about wanting more energy while the rest of the time people are looking for something that will calm them down. While people know they can turn to energy drinks if they are too tired from a long day, most people have never heard of relaxation drinks. Is it possible to drink something to make you more relaxed?

Dr Oz: Five Most Common Relaxation Drink Recipes

Dr Oz: Common Ingredients in Relaxation Drinks & Do They Really Work?

Dr. Oz looked at the most common ingredients in relaxation drinks, tested the drinks on his audience and cautioned not to drink them before driving.


Dr. Tasneem Bhatia said relaxation drinks are basically anti-energy drinks. She said they contain many of the herbs, supplements and botanicals we already like to use for relaxation. Below is a list of the five most common ingredients found in relaxation drinks.

  • Valerian – Shown to reduce nervousness and anxiety.
  • L-Theanine – Promotes brain wave patterns to help relaxation.
  • GABA – A neurotransmitter known to reduce anxiety.
  • 5-HTTP – An amino acid that pumps up the production of serotonin.
  • Melatonin – Helps induce a sleep state.

Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep specialist, told Dr. Oz relaxation drinks help you relax by suppressing your “fight or flight” response when you become stressed. She said this is what makes them a wonderful alternative to alcohol or pills to calm you down.

Dr Oz: Do Not Drink Relaxation Drinks Before Driving

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia said there are hundreds of relaxation drink varieties that can be purchased at grocery stores, online and even in some health food stores. She said the most surprising place you might find them is at your local gas station. Dr. Bhatia said it would be dangerous to drink a relaxation drink and drive though. She also cautioned against drinking the relaxation drink with alcohol because the amount of each ingredient is not listed.


Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Stress

Dr. Oz said before the show today he had never heard of relaxation drinks which is why he wanted to see how well they actually worked. He set up a makeshift lab and invited five women on stage to try a variety of relaxation drinks. Dr. Ash helped Dr. Oz perform a blind taste test for all the women.

Dr. Ash first tested all the woman to check their stress levels and then she offered them a drink to see if any sort of difference would occur. An hour later, Dr. Ash tested the women again and found them to all be less stressed and more importantly all their blood pressures had dropped. She admitted that the results surprised her and she couldn’t believe how well the drinks worked to help all the woman wind down and relax.


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