Dr Oz: Char Margolis Love Karma Review to Improve Love Intuition


Dr Oz: Char Margolis Intuition

Apparently, psychic Char Margolis has capabilities that are useful for connecting with the living as well as the dead. She told Dr. Oz that there are ways you can improve your odds of connecting with the right person in your search for love.

Char said that love is an internal connection, just like our sixth sense. She said it’s important to express our feelings of love now so that we aren’t struggling to do it after crossing over.


Dr Oz: Love Karma

Psychic & author Char Margolis explained how you can use your intuition to find love, as in her book "Love Karma."

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Dr Oz: Internal Vs External Love

Dr. Oz said that the people he sees hurting the most in hospitals aren’t the patients, but their loved ones who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.


Char explained that we can learn to tap into our intuition and use it to get what we want. Is she talking about book deals and talk show appearances? Oh right, she means everlasting love. Sorry.

Char Margolis: How To Activate Your Love Intuition

Here are the steps you should use to fire up your intuition in your search for love.

  • Visualize The Love You Want – Imagine the characteristics you’re seeking, but be careful what you wish for.
  • Use Intuitive Radar – Focus on the things you desire, and hone them so they’re right for you.
  • Act with Confidence – Once you’ve figured out what you want, pursue it with confidence.

Dr Oz: Char Margolis & Finding Love

Char said she believes that we are all here on earth to make up for the Karma of our past lives. Again, this is a concept I can’t affirm or deny, but it does raise many more questions than it answers.

How did this cycle begin, if we are here to right past wrongs? And how does Karma factor into things like crime rates and greed? Maybe Char can answer some of my questions in her next book.

Char said we are searching for closure from past relationships, and she thinks we will be reunited with a true love in the afterlife. She also said we have work to do, both here and now as well as on the other side. This will help us move up to the next level in each successive life.

Char Margolis Love Karma Review

Char Margolis shares more of her thoughts and perceptions about life, love, and the future in her book, Love Karma: Use Your Intuition to Find, Create, and Nurture Love in Your Life.

You can read a copy of Char’s book, and own Love Karma for yourself.


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