Dr Oz: Bee Pollen, Lesser Evil Chia Crisps & Earth Balance Cinnamon


Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: Health Food Store

You’re always asking what Dr Oz thinks you should buy at the store, and he is finally sharing some answers. He is sharing ideas for the grocery store, drugstore, and even the dollar store. But he’s starting with the best health food store snacks, including Earth Balance Cinnamon Spread and Cacao Nibs.

Dr Oz: Lesser Evil Chia Crisps Vs Potato Chips

Health food stores are full of hidden surprises, but Dr Oz said there are some must haves to include on your list. He even seems to be breaking his rule and using some specific brands for this episode.


First on his list is Lesser Evil Chia Crisps, and Dr Phillip Blanc told Doctor Oz these are a great option instead of typical potato chips. That’s because they are high in fiber to keep you full, and they don’t have the trans fats we all want to avoid.

Lesser Evil Chia Crisps Flavors

These crisps come in four flavors: Crunchy Dill Pickle, Jalapeno White Cheddar, Feta & Black Olive, and Souther Barbeque. Some of you will be excited to hear that they’re gluten free as well.

Dr Oz: Bee Pollen, Lesser Evil Chia Crisps & Earth Balance Cinnamon

Dr Oz shared his ultimate health food snacks shopping list, including Bee Pollen, Earth Balance Cinnamon Spread, Lesser Evil Chia Crisps & Cacao Nibs.


Dr Oz reminded everyone about Chia Seeds health benefits, but if you don’t like their texture, this can be a great alternative as a weight loss snack. Try them as a snack before lunch and dinner. A serving of 22 crisps has only 110 calories, and they sell for about $3.50 per bag.

Dr Oz Cacao Nibs Blood Pressure Snack

Cacao Nibs are nutrient-dense cocoa beans, which are used to make chocolate candy. Lisa Lee Freeman from Shopsmart Magazine said that Cacao Nibs can lower your blood pressure if you snack on them for as little as two weeks.

The suggested serving is 1/3 cup each day, and a $10 bag can last you awhile. They’re a great ingredient for trail mix, because they’re crunchy and bitter, not sweet like candy chocolate.

Dr Oz: Earth Balance Cinnamon Spread Review

Do you need a better butter alternative? Dr Oz’s guest Samantha Heller is a nutritionist at CT Griffin Hospital, and she suggested Earth Balance Cinnamon Spread. If you had cinnamon-sugar toast growing up (I know I did!), this might taste familiar, according to Samantha.

You can use Earth Balance products for cooking and baking, and they come in other flavors if you’re not a fan of the sweet flavor. They have only half the saturated fat compared to butter.

Dr Oz: Bee Pollen for Yogurt

Dr Oz chose Bee Pollen for the list, because he loves to use it himself. He said it’s the food that young bees eat, and it’s high in all kinds of nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals.

You can mix 1/4 teaspoon into your yogurt instead of fruit. Or try eating Bee Pollen during the day as a natural fatigue fighter.


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