Dr Oz: Beddy Bye Book, How to Swaddle a Baby & White Noise Machines


Dr Oz: Baby Whisperer

Good sleep habits are an important component of overall health. Dr Oz recently shared Sleep Product Reviews, but this topic is about how to ensure that a baby is getting quality sleep so they can establish good lifelong habits. Dr Harvey Karp is a pediatrician nicknamed The Baby Whisperer, and he joined Dr Oz to talk about the Beddy Bye Book, white noise for babies, and Swaddling Techniques.

Beddy Bye Book & Swaddling: Dr Oz

Try reading the Beddy Bye Book & learn proper Swaddling techniques so you and your baby can sleep easier.


Dr Harvey Karp talked about the sleep loss new parents experience. It doesn’t stop when babies grow into toddlers, and it can create problems in your life beyond exhaustion, such as relationship issues, obesity, or Postpartum Depression. Here are some Baby Sleep Remedies that could have parents resting easy as well.

Dr Oz: Swaddling Techniques

Amy said it’s hard to get her one-month-old son Cooper to adhere to a sleep routine. Dr Karp suggested Swaddling the baby at bedtime.

Swaddling is wrapping a baby snugly with their arms secured, and folding the corners of their blanket down. Use the blanket to create a sort of belt around the baby’s arms at his or her side. Keep the hips loose, and monitor your baby to make sure they are not overheating.


If a baby seems to be sweating while Swaddling, dress them in fewer clothes, or swaddle them in nothing but a diaper.

Dr Oz: White Noise for Babies

According to The Dr Oz Show, the sounds a baby hears in the womb are louder than the average vacuum cleaner. White Noise recreates some of those soothing whoosing sounds your baby got used to before birth. Slowly lower the intensity of these sounds as your baby drifts off to sleep.

White Noise is a great way to comfort your baby as they experience the pains of Growth Spurts or Teething. There are a variety of White Noise machines out there, and babies will prefer rumbling sounds. They work for adults too, and there are many types of sounds available.

Dr Oz: Beddy Bye Book Review

Audience member Jessica said her toddler resists bedtime and prefers to stay up late reading or playing. Dr Karp and Dr Oz talked about the Beddy Bye Book, which tells a story to encourage children to go to sleep and also gives the child quality time with a parent. These books are available online.

Hopefully some of these tips will help your baby sleep better so you can have more restful nights as well.


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