Dr Oz: Barbara Corcoran + Pipcorn & Healthy Popcorn


Dr Oz: Barbara Corcoran’s Recent Investment

Dr Oz welcomed Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran back to his show to talk about some of the health products she’s invested in. She explained that people who create health products have a purpose, and as an investor, she knows they’re going to make money. On the most recent season of Shark Tank, Dr Oz said siblings Jeff and Jen Martin were “fish out of water” when they were pitching their new health food to Barbara and the other Shark Tank investors.

Dr Oz: Barbara Corcoran + Pipcorn & Healthy Popcorn

Dr Oz talked to Barbara Corcoran and the two people she recently invested in after hearing about their healthy popcorn product. (imnotquitejack / flickr)


Jeff and Jen are from Brooklyn. One day they threw together a few ingredients from a health food store, and that’s when the idea for their company popped into their heads. Their product is a spin on something that everyone has had for forever, but they made it new and exciting again. It’s healthy, gluten-free, vegan, and delicious. So what is it? It’s called Pipcorn and it’s healthy, miniature popcorn.

Dr Oz: Pipcorn + Healthy Popcorn

They use a special variety of corn to make their popcorn, and the product really got the investor’s interest. They had two offers to choose from and chose to work with Barbara Corcoran. Jeff and Jen Martin joined the show and the audience was given their Pipcorn to try.

Jen explained that she had previously never had a popcorn that didn’t hurt her stomach. Her popcorn is higher in fiber, easier on the stomach, and made with olive oil. They also claim that because the pieces are smaller, they don’t get stuck in your teeth. Jeff said they’re really helping people get back to the snack they love.


Dr Oz: ‘Shark Tank’ Success

Barbara explained that she knew Jen and Jeff were trustworthy and working from their guts. She said it also helped that their parents were great too. Jen and Jeff just crossed over $1 million in sales, which is fabulous! Barbara said her favorite flavor of the Pipcorn was sea salt, and Jen and Jeff said they’re working on a barbecue flavor as well as a sodium-free version, although their popcorn is already low-sodium.

Dr Oz asked his audience about it and they ere thoroughly enjoying it! Given that it seemed to be healthy, tasty, and tooth-friendly, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try! What do you think?

Dr Oz: The Cooties Effect

Dr Oz then reminded everyone about how we used to talk about cooties when we were in elementary school. He said scientists have actually found that there’s a signal in the brain that reflects aversion that children naturally have to the opposite gender is called “the cooties effect.” In kids ages 4-7, an area in their brain lights up when they see the opposite gender. That signal weakens as they hit puberty and the cooties turn into crushes.


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