Dr Oz: Bacopa for Memory, Krill Oil Review + Aspirin Prevents Cancer


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Supplements That Really Work

If you could take a pill that would help you reduce the effects of aging, wouldn’t you do it? Dr Oz shared the anti-aging supplements that can lower cancer risk, protect the heart, and even improve your memory with Bacopa, Krill Oil, and Aspirin.

Dr Oz: Bacopa Review for Better Memory

Audience member Veronica said that she exercises and chooses organic foods for her diet, as well as getting plenty of sleep. Dr Oz had a few more suggestions to improve her already-great regime.


Dr Oz: Bacopa for Memory, Krill Oil Review + Aspirin Prevents Cancer

Learn how Bacopa strengthens your memory to keep you from being overwhelmed by new information. Dr Oz shared anti-aging benefits of aspirin and Krill Oil.

But first, he put her to the test in a larger than life version of the children’s game Memory. It was hard to do this in just five seconds, and Dr Oz said it becomes more challenging with age. Dr Oz recommended a Bacopa Supplement, an adaptogen from India that reduces effects of stress on the brain.

Bacopa should help you improve your memory and cognitive function. The recommended dosage from Dr Oz is 300 mg daily, over 12 weeks. This can help you retain new information more readily.


Dr Oz: Aspirin Cancer Prevention

More than 50 studies have confirmed that taking Aspirin daily for at least three years, it can help to reduce your risk of Cancer. It is also good to reduce the risk of heart disease. You may be surprised to know that Aspirin can make a 20% difference in Ovarian Cancer prevention.

Dr Oz advised that women age 40 and older should take two Baby Aspirin daily with a glass of water.

Dr Oz: Krill Oil Review for Heart Health

The heart is critical for the body’s function, and that’s why it is important to keep your life going. Krill are similar to shrimp, Dr Oz said. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and are believed to be better absorbed than Fish Oil. Astaxanthin is responsible for their red hue.

Try adding one to three grams per day of Krill Oil to your regimen to keep your heart beating strong. It may also manage your Triglycerides, preventing fat in the blood from taking hold. For patients with fish allergies, you should avoid Krill Oil and Fish Oil.

Dr Oz is giving away coupons for 10,000 boxes of MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil via his official website on February 28 2014. This limited time giveaway is being administered through doctoroz.com.

Dr Oz: Stephanie Mansour 60-Second Workout

If you feel like you don’t have time to exercise, now you have no excuse. Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour showed Dr Oz how to do a full body workout in just one minute.

Get yourself going with these simple moves:

  • NFL Shuffle – Get on your tiptoes and shuffle from side to side, working the lower and upper legs.
  • Flying Plank – Work your core, arms, and shoulders in the plank position, reaching arms up one at a time.
  • Crunch & Kiss – Do side-by-side crunches with a partner, kissing to alternate sides as you do each rep.

Can you do this workout at home?



  1. melba porter says

    Doctor oz I love your show, I watch it everyday.l really liked the show feb 28th.on krill oil, aspirin, bacopa. I will try that, I have really been worried about alzheimer’s, dementia alot. What can I take for constipation every day. I have a real problem with this.

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