Dr Oz: Back Pain TENS Unit Cost & Cold Laser Therapy Neck Pain Relief


Dr Oz: Natural Pain Remedies

Dr Oz is helping us all find new ways to manage our pain without turning to a pill bottle. His episode focused on treating pain without relying on medication, and he had advice for pain in the neck, back problems, and other common aching body parts. FInd out whether a TENS Unit or cold laser therapy could help you.

Dr Oz Neck Pain: Cold Laser Therapy Review

Dr Oz: Back Pain TENS Unit Cost & Cold Laser Therapy Neck Pain Relief

Dr Oz explained the TENS unit cost and uses of this back pain or joint pain treatment gadget ,as well as the results of cold laser therapy for the neck.


Dr Oz said that more than 3/4 of people will have neck pain at some point in life, and he hears the complaint a lot from viewers and patients. What is the solution? He said you can use Cold Laser Therapy to get relief from chronic neck pain, and chiropractor Steven Shoshany was on the set to explain how it works.

He said that it lowers pain by using laser technology to stimulate blood flow to the affected area. This gives the muscles a chance to stretch out and become more elastic, giving you relief without requiring a pill.

Dr Oz: Cold Laser Therapy Uses

Steven went on to say that the laser light penetrates skin layers to heal tissue below the surface. Patients should not feel anything during this process, but they are supposed to feel relief afterwards.


The treatment lasts about five to 10 minutes, and can treat a variety of problems such as Carpal Tunnel, Stiff Neck, Herniated Disc and Arthritis.

Though it make take three to five appointments to get lasting results, many patients experience relief after a single treatment. Cold Laser Therapy will also improve range of motion and reduce a patient’s reliance on pain medication.

Dr Oz: TENS Unit Pain Treatment

You have probably run across many different electronics and medical gadgets that claim to offer health benefits, so how do you know what really works? Dr Oz said that one of the most trusted pieces of medical equipment is now available for home use.

Technology pro Mario Armstrong helped Dr Oz explain the TENS Unit. He said that you put small electrodes on your body, wherever you are experiencing pain. Then you connect the device and turn it on, adjusting to the desired level of stimulation.

Dr Oz: TENS Unit Cost & Uses

Then you would feel a pulsation from the machine to your body as the TENS Unit worked its magic. The cost of a TENS Unit starts at about $100, and they are available without a prescription.

You can find them online, as well as in gadget stores or some department stores. Your insurance policy might even cover this purchase, so be sure to check your coverage.

Dr Oz: TENS Unit Back Pain Relief

Mario said that the TENS Unit can be used throughout the body, except on the neck, head, and jaw. However, it is very effective for the lower back, as well as painful joints. Treatment should last about 15-30 minutes and can be repeated multiple times per day if you have chronic pain.

Dr Oz: TENS Unit Contraindications

There are some patients who should not use the TENS Unit. They include those who have heart conditions, people who wear pacemakers, and women who are pregnant.



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