Dr Oz: Asian Ginseng Tea Review + Chronic Fatigue Quiz & Solutions


Dr Oz: Alternative Health Secrets To End Chronic Fatigue

Do you or someone you know suffer from Chronic Fatigue? Dr Oz invited Dr Tieraona Low Dog, an alternative medicine practitioner who worked as an herbalist for 30 years before pursuing a medical degree. She called Chronic Fatigue a silent and growing epidemic. See how Rhodiola or exercises could work for you, and get an Asian Ginseng Tea review.

Dr Oz: Chronic Fatigue in Women

Dr Low Dog, the author of Healthy At Home, said that her patients often complain that Chronic Fatigue is keeping them from getting through the day. She was in the studio with Doctor Oz to explain that our chaotic lives and shifting obligations can exacerbate Chronic Fatigue symptoms.


When you are tired on a regular basis and other causes such as Anemia and Thyroid issues are ruled out, what can you do to manage Chronic Fatigue? The diagnosis can be difficult in traditional medicine.

Dr Oz: Fatigue Vs Tired

Dr Oz: Asian Ginseng Tea Review + Chronic Fatigue Quiz & Solutions

Dr Tieraona Low Dog’s Chronic Fatigue quiz had some natural ways you can attempt to manage your symptoms with stretches and an Asian Ginseng Tea review.

“Fatigue is something that doesn’t get better with a great night’s sleep or a weekend off,” Dr Low Dog said. Other possibilities such as Lupus, B12 deficiency or Celiac Disease can all have Fatigue as a symptom. But for many, Chronic Fatigue is the underlying condition.


Dr Oz: Is It Chronic Fatigue? Quiz

Do you feel like you are tired all the time for no good reason? Dr Oz had a woman from his audience and everyone at home take this yes-or-no quiz. Follow along here:

  1. Have you felt very tired for a minimum of four weeks?
  2. Do you have a hard time focusing?
  3. Are you forgetful?
  4. Do you feel tired even after sleeping well?
  5. Do you have muscle pain or aches?

Did you keep track of your YES and NO answers to these five questions? If you said YES to three or more, you could have Chronic Fatigue.

Dr Oz: Rhodiola Dosage for Fatigue

Whether you have CF or are simply exhausted, Dr Low Dog shared three solutions with Dr Oz that could help you start to feel some relief. First was a 150 mg Rhodiola dosage daily (you may end up on a higher dosage of 350-400 mg). Find a product with 3% Rosavin and 1% Salindroside, the probable active compounds.

Rhodiola increases Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins in the body, giving you happy feelings and more energy.

Dr Oz: Asian Ginseng Tea Review

Next was an Asian Ginseng Tea review. Asian Ginseng has been used for centuries, and it also boosts energy, but is more stimulating than Rhodiola. Don’t use it every day. Dr Low Dog recommended trying it two to four times a week as Asian Ginseng Tea. Use it for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Dr Oz: Fatigue Fighter Chair Exercise

Last up was a three-minute fatigue fighter that Dr Low Dog demonstrated with Dr Oz. Try practicing this every morning.

  • Sit straight up. Breathe and reach for the sky. Stretch and hold the pose for seven seconds.
  • Exhale from your mouth for eight seconds. Shrug the shoulders to stretch.
  • Inhale and arch the back, looking up. Exhale through the mouth and stretch, bending at the waist.

Also try stretches or chair yoga videos, books and other resources. Even if you are tired, you have to keep your body moving to get relief from fatigue.



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