Dr Oz: Asian Ginseng Tea Review + Chronic Fatigue Quiz & Solutions


Dr Oz: Alternative Health Secrets To End Chronic Fatigue

Do you or someone you know suffer from Chronic Fatigue? Dr Oz invited Dr Tieraona Low Dog, an alternative medicine practitioner who worked as an herbalist for 30 years before pursuing a medical degree. She called Chronic Fatigue a silent and growing epidemic. See how Rhodiola or exercises could work for you, and get an Asian Ginseng Tea review.

Dr Oz: Chronic Fatigue in Women

Dr Low Dog, the author of Healthy At Home, said that her patients often complain that Chronic Fatigue is keeping them from getting through the day. She was in the studio with Doctor Oz to explain that our chaotic lives and shifting obligations can exacerbate Chronic Fatigue symptoms.


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