Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Pillow & Marpac Sound Machine Reviews


Dr Oz: Sleep Better

Dr Oz talked about the Sleep Diet, which can help you lose weight while you dream. But are you fully equipped to get the best night’s rest possible? Dr Oz highlighted some of the most creative and useful products out there to make sure you are getting your rest. Check out the Gilligan & Ferneman Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad, Bucky Eyeshades with Earplugs, Memory Foam Core Pillow, and Marpac Sound Machine reviews for ideas.

Dr Oz: Marpac Sound Machine Reviews & Sleep Products

Dr Oz highlighted sleep products, with Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Pillows & Marpac Sound Machine reviews.


Dr Oz showcased these four products, and in a previous broadcast he offered them as giveaways to a limited number of viewers. But since this was an encore presentation, the giveaways may no longer be offered; check Dr Oz’s official site for additional information on giveaways.

Dr Oz: Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Core Pillow Review

The first shopping list item for a better night’s sleep was the Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Core Pillow, which cradles the head and keeps it aligned properly throughout the night. The lucky studio audience got this pillow free!

Dr Oz: Bucky Eyeshades with Earplugs Review

The Bucky Eyeshades with Earplugs are perfect if your partner likes to read or watch TV in bed. The mask keeps light out of your eyes, while the earplugs can block sounds, such as the TV or obnoxious snoring. This was definitely the day to be in Dr Oz’s audience, because they got all this for free as well.


Dr Oz: Marpac Sound Machine Reviews

The Marpac Sound Machine blocks out ambient noise in your bedroom, but isn’t too loud that you can’t hear your kids down the hall if they wake up in the middle of the night and need you. Sounds like a good compromise.

Dr Oz: Gilligan & Ferneman Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad Review

How would you like to use the same temperature regulating mattress pad that astronauts rely on? The Gilligan & Ferneman Cooling Mattress Pad and Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad operate on the same technology used by NASA.

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation & Breakfast Protein

Dr Oz explained the benefits of his Transformation Nation program, which included a sleep tracker and the chance to win a $1 million grand prize.

Eating 30 grams of protein within the first half hour of waking is a great morning weight loss tip, according to Dr Oz.


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