The Family That Lost 500 Pounds: Dr Oz August 8 2012 Preview


Dr Oz August 8 2012 Preview

If you were Dr Oz and had a daily TV show reaching millions of viewers, would you use your powers for good? That may be what’s happening in the Dr Oz August 8 2012 episode, coming up this week. Dr Oz is putting together a Fantastic Four team of experts in different medical specialities. Together, they are sharing some of their best secrets as Dr Oz’s disease detectives. Can they share new ideas that could help heal what ails you?

Family Loses 500 Pounds: Dr Oz August 8 2012 Preview

The Dr Oz August 8 2012 episode will feature the Stella Family, who worked together to lose 500 pounds; Dr Oz's Fantastic Four health experts share their discoveries.


This team of four expert doctors will tackle some of the most evergreen Dr Oz topics that viewers are always asking about, including fatigue, weight loss, and even the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Find out how this debilitating condition may be reversible, and discover what effect Perimenopause could have on your diet.

Dr Oz: The Family That Lost 500 Pounds

This week, Dr Oz did a special episode about Obesity In America, talking with eight women on various sides of the debate about whether it is healthy to be morbidly obese. The discussion was interesting, and it continues from a different angle on the Dr Oz August 8 2012 episode.

Dr Oz will meet the Stella Family, who will share their inspiring story of triumph. Their collective weight once maxed out the scales at over 1000 pounds. But together, the family has managed to lose half that weight, meaning that the Stellas banded together in an effort to successfully shed 500 pounds.


When they talk with Dr Oz August 8 2012, they will share the motivations that kept them going in the tough times, and they will also share some of the favorite ingredients and recipes they discovered along the path to weight loss success.

With back to school time on the horizon, it’s a great opportunity to think about getting fit with your family as part of your fall routine. Check out how the Stella Family made Almond Flour and Soy Flour a part of their kitchen pantry, and also check back for a Spaghetti Squash Recipe after the Dr Oz August 8 2012 episode.


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