Season Premiere – Fat Burner Test: Dr Oz September 10 2012 Preview


Dr Oz September 10 2012: Season Premiere

The Dr Oz September 10 2012 season premiere is all new, and Dr Oz has a big announcement to angrily impart on his first episode of the new season. Find out how he says his legal rights are being violated, and why this means that viewers and fans are being mislead. What is he talking about, and how is he going to handle it?

Season Premiere: Dr Oz September 10 2012 Preview

Check out what's in store for the season premiere of Dr Oz September 10 2012. (lev radin /


“I’m taking back my name,” Dr Oz said, which should make for a dramatic and interesting announcement to kick off his hit talk show’s fourth season. If you’ve been jonesing for new Oz, your wait is finally over, and it’s time for more new episodes after months of encores.

Dr Oz: The Fat Burner That Works

Dr Oz is always on the lookout for new ways he can help us lose weight or take control of our health. With so many different approaches out there, it’s good to know someone is putting products to the test and reporting the results. Dr Oz has featured fat burners in past episodes, but this time he’s doing something bigger than ever before.

Does this latest fat burner really work? Dr Oz is putting 100 women to the ultimate test to find out for you whether it’s the real deal. Get ready to kick off season 4 in a big way with a weight loss investigation you’ll only get from Dr Oz. If you can’t catch the show, be sure to visit Recapo after the broadcast for a full recap.


Dr Oz: Season 4 Preview

Next week, a fourth season of The Doctor Oz Show begins. Other highlights to look forward to in the new season include a special announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama, who’s hanging out one on one with Oz.

Plus, Dr Oz will help 200 women start to take back their health. Later in the week, find out how he is helping you shed emotional baggage that can lead to weight gain. And of course the season is sure to include more answers to your shocking, embarrassing questions.

Don’t miss this when new shows premiere, starting on Dr Oz September 10 2012.


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