Plus Size Model Secrets: Dr Oz June 7 2012 Preview


Dr Oz: Plus Size Model Secrets

Every few years, someone makes a splash in the fashion world by courting full figured women with new lines of products or brands of clothing that are released in stores across the country. Of course, what is fashion without a debut on the runway? Have you ever seen plus size models coming down the catwalk at a fashion show? They look great, but unlike the typical fashion models, they make their beauty seem attainable. How do they do it? That’s what you can find out when you watch the Dr Oz June 7 2012 episode.

Plus Size Model Secrets: Dr Oz June 7 2012

Plus Size Model Beauty Secrets and Fashion Tips will be featured on the Dr Oz June 7 2012 show.


Do you want to know how to make yourself look skinny without losing weight? Find out the visual secrets these fashion models rely on to create great looks everyone can do at home that will wow your family and friends. For the first time, they are sharing their secret weapons and backstage advice with the audience for the Dr Oz June 7 2012 show. Get ready for an hour of secrets and advice you’ll want to share with your closest girlfriends. Learn how to rock your best look without dieting or exercising. Work what you’ve got with advice from Dr Oz’s upcoming guests.

Doctor Oz: Plus Size Models & Beauty Secrets

Learn how to tone your arms and make your legs look longer. These are just a few visual tricks the models are showing you how to pull off coming up on the Dr Oz June 7 2012 show, so set your DVR now for this exciting hour. Do you want to learn how to take up to four sizes off your look without changing anything about your fitness routine? It’s doable, and these plus size models are showing you how they create these looks professionally. Learn the style secrets of some of the world’s top plus size fashion stars.

If you’ve been trying to think of a way to shake up your wardrobe and create a fresh new look, you won’t want to miss this special episode of Dr Oz, featuring fashion and beauty advice that’s practical and great for any woman who wants to give herself a fashion makeover. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t want to miss out on how accessories or beauty tricks can help you take years and inches off your look instantly. That’s coming up on the Dr Oz June 7 2012 episode.



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