Ovarian Cancer: The Silent Killer: Dr Oz June 21 2012 Preview


Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer

It’s sometimes called the silent killer, and that’s because its symptoms are subtle, if they’re noticeable at all. But coming up on the Dr Oz June 21 2012 episode, we will learn the secrets of Ovarian Cancer in an hour that is important for every woman in your life. Think about your mother, your sister, or your best friend. Do you know whether they’re up to date on the lifesaving tests that could screen them for this deadly disease?

Ovarian Cancer: Dr Oz June 21 2012 Preview

Learn the warning signs & testing options for Ovarian Cancer on the Dr Oz June 21 2012 episode.


How do you know when something is different or off about your body? And what does it mean? Is it something you should worry about or just a fluke? The Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer episode will share five surprising symptoms and warning signs that women need to watch out for. Did you know that a change in the flow of a woman’s menstrual period could be an indicator of Ovarian Cancer.

If you think you do have one or more of the symptoms, what should you do to be tested for Ovarian Cancer? Cancer is always an upsetting prospect, but knowledge is power, and detecting something early is always the best possible scenario in terms of treatment options.

Doctor Oz: Ovarian Cancer Risks & Warnings

Did you know that Ovarian Cancer can be so wily that even your doctor could miss the symptoms? Learn why Dr Oz is saying women need access to these potentially life-saving tests now, so they can lower their risks and have the best hope for detection, treatment, and recovery.


The Dr Oz June 21 2012 episode will highlight the warnings women and their families need to know about. Also, the show will feature diet tips to help lower your risk of developing cancer. Dr Oz will also explore other forms of Cancer that affect women, as well as a discussion of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

It’s not the most fun topic, but it is very important, and it could save the life of a woman close to you. Set the DVR or bookmark this website so you can read about the Ovarian Cancer episode after it airs. Don’t miss out on this vital health information for women everywhere.


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