OMG Embarrassing Beauty Questions: Dr Oz May 30 2012 Preview


OMG Questions: Dr Oz May 30 2012 Preview

All year long, viewers have been putting it out there, and Dr Oz hasn’t shied away. He’s taking another stab at some of the most OMG Embarrassing Beauty Questions. These are topics so crazy Dr Oz can’t even believe that you asked, but of course we want to know the answers, whether we admit it or not. Coming up on the May 30 2012 Dr Oz episode, the answers are here for questions you were too afraid or ashamed to ask.

Embarrassing Beauty Questions: Dr Oz May 30 2012 Preview

It's time for your most OMG Embarrassing Beauty Questions on the Dr Oz May 30 2012 episode.


Nothing is off limits, and you can expect Dr Oz’s typical candor, honesty, and hilarious demonstrations. If you think you might have a shocking or scandalous health or body question Dr Oz hasn’t answered yet, this is the episode for you.

Grab the remote and set your DVR now for the Dr Oz May 30 2012 episode, when all your biggest health questions & secrets will be revealed. Don’t miss this hour of topics you thought no one would ever talk about on TV. Don’t you know by now that Dr Oz is game for absolutely anything?

Dr Oz: Embarrassing Beauty Questions Answered

What are you having the most trouble with when it comes to your beauty routine? What’s bothering you that you can’t seem to find the right product, solution, or remedy for? If you’re looking for answers to long standing beauty secrets, they could be coming up on this special show.


Dr Oz is ready to take on your questions, and he’s inviting expert guests to share their answers, guidance and advice. Previously, Dr Oz tackled your crazy questions about What’s Up Down There and even opened up about the truth behind Myths Doctors Believe. There is no subject that will scare him off, so be sure to get ready to learn a lot on the May 30 2012 episode.

Bookmark this site so you can get a full report on the show’s content and advice when Dr Oz answers your best OMG Questions. These informative episodes are what the DVR was made for, and you can get printable recaps and information from Recapo.


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