Most Shocking Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions: June 1 2012 Preview


Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions: Best Of Season 3

It’s been a busy year for Dr Oz, because in between sharing Supplement Secrets, Cancer Prevention Advice, and Summer Survival Tips, he’s been getting an earful from your favorite celebrity stars. They’re all sharing their shocking Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions on his show, and that means you get to hear them as well.

Coming up on the Friday June 1 2012 episode, Dr Oz is looking back at some of the season’s most shocking, surprising, and satisfying celebrity reveals that we’ve heard on the show this season.


Jennifer Hudson: Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions

Jennifer Hudson's tragedy and triumph were among the Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions on the show this year. (s_bukley /

Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions: Jennifer Hudson & Paula Deen

How did Jennifer Hudson shrink from a size 16 to a size 6? She told Dr Oz, and even challenged him to work out with him on the show. Whether you saw it the first time or not, you’ll want to look back at some of the best diet advice the show has featured this year, with advice from superstar Jennifer Hudson.

Plus, Paula Deen’s been making headlines all year. Did you see what happened when she sat down and opened up with Doctor Oz? Take a look back during Dr Oz’s year in review episode, coming June 1 2012. Set your DVR for this special best of episode, featuring the biggest highlights and most talked about celebrity interviews on TV this year.


Montel Williams & Tyra Banks: Dr Oz Celebrity Confessions

Remember the stunning admissions from Montel Williams about how he planned out his suicide twice? Dr Oz is revisiting the wisdom Montel shared in some of his candid moments on Dr Oz season 3.

Plus, she left her own show behind, but she just couldn’t stay away from daytime TV. What happened when supermodel Tyra Banks was face to face with Dr Oz? Refresh your memory or see their conversation for the first time in this best of episode, airing Friday June 1 2012. Plus, a look back at the Real Housewives cancer scare that didn’t make it into the Bravo series.

Set your DVR now or check Recapo tomorrow for all the highlights from a star studded season of The Dr Oz Show.


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