Montel Williams Supplements: Dr Oz August 9 2012 Preview


Dr Oz August 9 2012 Preview

One of the biggest conversations this year on Dr Oz has been about the various health benefits of supplements. It seems there is a magic pill that claims to do the trick for almost everything. The Dr Oz August 9 2012 show will explore more about this topic, with a guest who’s been no stranger to Dr Oz’s show recently.

Montel Williams: Dr Oz August 9 2012 Preview

Montel Williams is back on Dr Oz August 9 2012 with supplements he swears helped him lose inches in just a few weeks.


Montel Williams is back on Dr Oz August 9 2012 to talk about the state of the art miracle supplements that he says have changed his life. Find out how he lost inches from his waist in just a few weeks. Maybe these products could work for you as well. Dr Oz is talking about them on this upcoming episode, so set your DVR and don’t miss it.

Whatever you are doing to power your weight loss and fuel your body’s natural fat burning powers, you can give yourself a booster with these supplement suggestions and ideas from Dr Oz and his guests. Montel Williams has always been straightforward in his appearances on Dr Oz, so there’s no reason to believe he won’t be honest about his experiences once again in this conversation.

Dr Oz: Tabatha Coffey & Going Gray

One of the most stunning and noticeable signs of aging is gray hair. But you don’t have to just accept that it’s happening to you. Hair care pro Tabatha Coffey from the Bravo series Tabatha Takes Over is showing Dr Oz and you how to avoid signs of aging or damaged hair. Learn to correct the problems in a healthy way to prevent further damage, so you can always look your best.


Plus, get advice on what skin products to use throughout your day. There are certain points in your routine where it’s best to use different products, so check out this guide to make the most of your moisturizing opportunities and fight wrinkles with science.

These tips, and expert advice on supplements and urinary issues are coming up on Dr Oz August 9 2012. Don’t miss this exciting and informative episode.


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