Montel Williams Fountain Of Youth: Dr Oz July 24 2012 Preview


Dr Oz July 24 2012 Preview: Montel Williams

During the 1990s talk show boom, daytime viewers from coast to coast knew the name Montel Williams. He was unstoppable, but he was hiding some surprising secrets. Did you know that Montel Williams was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? In previous appearances with Dr Oz, he has discussed how that diagnosis changed his life, and how much pain he was in behind the scenes, even at the height of his fame and popularity. Next, on the Dr Oz July 24 2012 episode, Montel is back to talk about the secrets he uses to stay in good health, despite his prognosis.

Fountain of Youth: Dr Oz July 24 2012 Preview

Dr Oz July 24 2012 features returning guest Montel Williams, who will share his Fountain of Youth advice on energy & anti-aging.


While many of us would view MS as an obstacle, Montel says that the pessimistic attitudes of doctors and medical staff were fuel for him to challenge himself and succeed in the face of adversity. He is sharing the Montel Williams fountain of youth, coming up on the Dr Oz July 24 2012 show.

Plus, find out the energy booster secrets that Montel is using to stay young and healthy, no matter what else is going on in his life. He is counting down his favorite picks and products with Dr Oz, so set your DVR and remember to follow up on these recommendations. Dr Oz is always getting letters and emails from viewers who want to learn how to get more energy. Now Montel is back to share his own perspectives, as someone with health struggles of his own.

Dr Oz Preview: Super Soup Remedies & Anti-Aging Products

For even more great tips and advice, get ready to save a new recipe to your Pinterest board. It’s Dr Oz’s Super Soup Recipe with a celebrity chef. If you’re fending off the dreaded summer cold, fear not. This concoction could have you up on your feet again in no time. Plus, get advice about managing cold symptoms before they escalate or spread throughout your household.


Also, get expert reviews of beauty and anti-aging products that people are always asking Dr Oz about. Find out what to keep in your beauty supply kit to maintain a youthful appearance through the years. Don’t miss Dr Oz July 24 2012, with the return of Montel Williams.


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