Lazy Girls Guide & Organic Shopping: Dr Oz July 11 2012 Preview


Dr Oz July 11 2012 Preview

Lazy Girls Guide: Dr Oz July 11 2012 Preview

Dr Oz July 11 2012 will showcase the Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy & Dr Oz's best advice for organic grocery shopping.

Are you interested in getting in shape, but don’t want to really do the hard work that goes along with becoming perfect? That’s probably how a lot of people feel, and that type of attitude may have been frowned on by fitness trainers or your parents. But the Dr Oz July 11 2012 episode is designed just for you. It’s the Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy, and it will show you how to take full advantage of your relaxed attitude.


Learn how you can get the maximum health benefits of a minimal effort. Just make a few simple tweaks to your diet habits and find out how simply standing up or doing squats for a couple minutes can dramatically improve your health outlook. Does that sound too easy? Perfect, because it’s meant to be. If you’re interested in the Lazy Girls Guide, you’re probably already good friends with your remote control. Now would be a good time to set the DVR for the Dr Oz July 11 2012 episode.

Dr Oz: Organic Vs Non-Organic Foods

Do you know what you are getting when you see Organic food at the grocery store? Could there actually be Arsenic in some of the products you’re buying with health in mind? Dr Oz July 11 2012 will have an expert on hand to address these concerns about Organic Food, government regulation and more.

If you’ve been thinking about venturing into the world of Organic Food, you won’t want to do it until you get a look at Dr Oz’s Organic Grocery List. Find out what foods he says you should never skimp on, and learn what to look for when you decide to go Organic. That’s all coming up on the Dr Oz July 11 2012 show.


Plus, from Iron Chef America, Michelle Bernstein will share her $10 Chicken meal that’s easy to make and tastes great. As long as you’re going to be relaxing on the couch anyway, why not learn how being lazy could hold the key to better health? Get Dr Oz’s Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy and more on the Dr Oz July 11 2012 episode.


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