Dr Oz’s Guilt Free Hour: Dr Oz September 21 2012 Preview


Dr Oz September 21 2012 Preview

Dr Oz's Guilt Free Hour: Dr Oz September 21 2012 Preview

Dr. Oz September 21 2012 is all about indulging your guilty pleasures. And it may just be good for your health.

For the first time ever on the Dr Oz September 21 2012 show, Dr. Oz is actually telling you to indulge in your guilty pleasures. It is finally time to splurge. As Dr. Oz puts it, it is time to let go of the guilt and simply indulge. Dr. Oz even said something I never thought he would say. Dr. Oz said he loves the guilty pleasure. He also mentions that letting go of the guilt you feel when you slip up and indulge, could be the best thing for your health.


Dr. Oz? What has gotten into you? Wanting us to indulge in our guilty pleasures? I’ll just stop complaining now and grab myself a large bag of Sour Patch Kids.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien

Dr. Oz invites Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, to the set to show the audience how to make some delicious looking, guilt-free dinner swaps for the entire family. She also has a few other guilt-free recipes she is going to share on the show.

And did I just see a child with a taco? If Lisa Lillien can make tacos guilt-free and taste like a normal, fatty, salty taco somehow, I have officially found the only food I will ever eat again.


Tune into Dr Oz September 21 2012 to find out what Dr. Oz has to say about chowing down on your favorite guilty pleasures and, well, not feeling guilty about it. And if you miss of the guilt-free action, stop by Recapo tomorrow for all the news on guilt-free recipes and how much indulging you can do before it turns into overindulging.


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