Dr Oz’s Foolproof Health Guide & No Brainer Mood Boosters


Dr Oz: Foolproof Health Guide

How many diets have you seen come and go over the years? How many fitness routines have you tried, only to give up because it’s just not for you? Did you know that being healthy is not about fad diets, trendy exercise routines, and flash in the pan health news?

Coming up on the April 4 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, get the inside scoop on Dr. Oz’s Foolproof Plan To Get Healthy Instantly. These tips and tricks are so easy, you can do them from where you’re sitting, and they’re simple enough that a child can do them.


Dr Oz April 4 2012

Get Dr. Oz's easy Foolproof Health Guide on his April 4 2012 show.

Find out what they are when you tune in to the show. Or if you can’t watch, bookmark Recapo so you can read the full recap after the broadcast.

Dr Oz: No Brainer Mood Boosters

How is your mood? If you’re having a rough day and just need a pick-me-up, Dr. Oz has just the trick with his No Brainer Mood Boosters. Learn how to feel better almost instantly with fun, easy tricks that will have you smiling and saying wow.


It’s time to stop frowning and have a happier day, and if all it takes is rubbing your own neck or letting out the frustration, that’s totally worth it. Find out what Doctor Oz recommends on his April 4 2012 episode.

Dr Oz will tell you why punching bags are great for stress relief, and I think he’s even giving us permission to use our favorite curse words as a mood booster. You’ll have to watch to find out, or read about it after the show and learn the surprising, proven health benefits.

Dr Oz: Food Combos & Beauty Gadgets

Are you ready for some quick tips and product recommendations that make it easier for you to be healthy? Check out what Dr. Oz and his guests are suggesting when they show off simple food combinations that can help you eat healthier, along with the latest gadgets that can take years off your appearance almost instantly. All that and more is coming up on the April 4 2012 Dr Oz Show.


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