Dr Oz: World’s Healthiest Man & What Diets Really Work


Dr Oz: What Diets Really Work

If you’ve been trying to manage your weight for a while, you know that fad diets come and go. It seems like more new trendy diet plans crop up each year, all of them promising results by some innovative new method or strategy.

One man has decided to put all these trends and ideas to the test. AJ Jacobs is on a quest to be the healthiest man in the world. Along the way, he has tried over 100 diets, supplements and products. He has put them to the test, and on the April 10 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, he’s revealing which ones really work, and which ones are a bust.


Dr Oz: Which Diets Work

Learn to avoid diet traps and find out what products actually work on the April 10 2012 Dr Oz Show.

Have you been curious about a new fitness trend or too good to be true health product? See if AJ Jacobs and Dr Oz mention it in their discussion on this new episode. Find out the truth from an unbiased individual who’s just searching for the same answers as all of us. One man’s quest to be healthy can benefit us all, and he’s sharing what he learned, coming up on April 10 2012.

Doctor Oz: World’s Healthiest Man

You have to wonder about AJ Jacobs and his quest to be the healthiest person in the world. Wouldn’t trying all these different products pose certain health risks to his body? I’m curious to learn about his methodology and how long he tried out each of the programs or products he evaluated.


I know that Dr Oz shares a lot of different diets and products on his show, and there probably isn’t anyone in the audience who is attempting to do them all. Surely some ideas or programs work better for certain people, and no one program is going to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

But in any case, I’m totally curious about what AJ Jacobs has learned and wants to share about his research. Check it out for yourself on the April 10 2012 episode of Dr Oz. If you can’t see the show or want to know more about what was mentioned, check Recapo to get a full report after the broadcast.


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