Dr Oz: Women’s Silent Killers & Early Warning Signals


Dr Oz: Silent Killers of Women

Do you know what are the leading causes of death for women in the United States? The shocking truth is that these conditions are often silent and may not have any symptoms, other than sudden death.

That’s why it’s so important to have regular health checkups. But historically women don’t make their health a priority, often because they are busy juggling other responsibilities and concerns. Coming up on the April 16 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, learn about the silent and dangerous killers that could be threatening you or the women in your family.


Dr Oz April 16 2012

Find out how to watch out for the three leading causes of death for women, during the April 16 2012 show.

The good news about some of these serious conditions is that they can be detected during routine medical examinations. But for that to happen, you have to make a doctor’s appointment. Find out what to ask your doctor about on your next visit, so you can ensure that you are in great health and catch any problems early.

Doctor Oz: Early Warning Signals

Some health problems do communicate their presence to the body, trying to let you know by sending your brain a message in the form of a pain or symptom. However, sometimes these symptoms are common or easily confused with other health issues.


Learn about the symptoms you can be watching out for, so you know when not to dismiss your concerns and what to look more seriously at. This is one of the upcoming revelations on the April 16 2012 edition of Dr Oz. He will explain the symptoms you can’t afford to ignore or dismiss, and what they could be trying to tell you about your health or serious medical issues.

Dr Oz: Cancer Risks

Do you know the factors that make you at risk for certain types of cancer? Learn what you need to know to be proactive about your own health and how you can be the cancer prevention expert in your family.

You won’t want to miss the important and potentially life saving information in this new episode of Doctor Oz, coming April 16 2012. Set your DVR and be sure to check Recapo so you can share this vital information with your loved ones.


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