Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There & Unnecessary Surgery


Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There

Burning, itching, and oozing…they’re all symptoms you don’t want to mess with, and they could be happening to you below the belt. They might be uncomfortable to talk about, but they’re also important to pay attention to. What’s happening down there could have a huge impact on your overall health, and you don’t want to ignore it.

Dr Oz: Below the Belt

How is your health...down there? Dr Oz shares advice and shocking information.


Coming up on the next all new episode of The Doctor Oz Show, find solutions to common health issues that happen in this area of the body. Dr Oz is inviting real women to share their stories and get answers to their most pressing or embarrassing questions, in the privacy of his nationally televised studio and an audience of millions.

Check it out for yourself, and let these women ask the questions you don’t want to. Hearing their answers could help you discover what you need to know, and whether you need to connect with your own doctor about your symptoms. It’s all new on the Thursday May 10 2012 episode of Dr Oz.

Doctor Oz: Unnecessary Surgery

Anytime you hear the word surgery, you might start to get a little bit anxious. That’s understandable, because even minor outpatient surgery carries some risks. You never know what could happen on the operating table. But imagine finding out that a common surgical procedure is actually not necessary at all. That’s what Dr Oz is revealing on his next episode, and you may be just as shocked as some members of his studio audience were.


Plus, when it comes to matters of your private areas, are you doing some things that could put you at a higher risk for health issues. From infections and irritation to disease and health dangers, there are habits you could be doing unknowingly that can add up to major medical problems.

Learn what they are and how to avoid them. This is an informative episode you will not want to miss. DVR the May 10 2012 episode of The Dr Oz Show, or check Recapo after the show and read all about it.


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