Dr Oz: What’s Hidden In Kids’ Milk Products & Snooki 40 Lb Weight Loss


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links to find out the dangers of artificial sweeteners in milk products and to learn how Snooki lost 40 pounds in just six months:

Dr Oz April 1 2013 Preview

On April 1 2013, Dr Oz is new with an episode about children’s milk products. What is safe for your kids to ingest? What is actually in your kids’ milk at lunch? The answer may have you petitioning for change or packing their lunch from now on. Also on this episode, new mom and Jersey Shore star Snooki reveals to Dr Oz how she lost 40 pounds. How is she planning to keep it off?


Dr Oz: Children’s Milk Products

Dr Oz: What's Hidden In Kids' Milk Products & Snooki 40 Lb Weight Loss

On April 1 2013, Dr Oz finds out just what is hidden in your child’s pint of milk at lunch. Then, Snooki talks about her weight loss and why she’s dropped 40 pounds.

Dr Oz is investigating on April 1 what is in your kids’ milk. In chocolate and strawberry milk there are tons of artificial sweeteners. Dr Oz finds out that companies are adding chemicals to milk and not telling you about it. They’ve removed a label from the front of the milk that would help you figure out what is in the product.

While I’m sure this isn’t a life altering or deadly chemical, it’s probably an addictive sugar like high-fructose corn syrup. Most parents don’t like to give their kids high-fructose corn syrup because it is addictive and causes weight gain. Will Michelle Obama’s new lunch and exercise standards affect kid’s milk products?


Dr Oz: Snooki 40 Pound Weight Loss

Just a few months after having her little meatball Lorenzo, Snooki is talking about how she dropped the baby weight and then some. Snooki has lost 40 pounds and got veneers on her teeth. She said that she wants Lorenzo to look back at pictures of her and remember her looking good.

So how did she do it? The old Snooki was much more likely to cruise the shore looking at beef cakes and getting her tan on. She doesn’t strike me as the type of girl that loves her treadmill. Snooki talks on April 1 about how she’s staying healthy and what this weight loss means for her life.


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