Dr Oz: What the Yuck? Your Embarrassing Medical Questions Answered


Dr Oz: April 3 2012

What is the grossest question you’ve always wondered about your body and your health? Sometimes there are things too embarrassing for us to even want to ask our own doctors. But answers and resources are out there, and the most important thing to remember is that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Dr Oz: Gross Medical Questions

What gross or embarrassing medical question has been bothering you? Dr Oz may have an answer on April 3 2012.

Coming up on the April 3 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, the doctor and his guests are tackling everyone’s most embarrassing, top secret health and medical questions. Find the answers to what you’ve been wondering about and put your fears to rest.


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Medical Questions

Answering your uncomfortable questions is really how Dr Oz got his start. Back in his Oprah days, he would come on her show and answer questions about everything, even the shape of your poop.

That forthrightness, honesty, and straight talk are what has made him so popular with viewers, and that’s how he ended up with his own popular talk show, as well as a line of bestselling books.

You know there is no question too embarrassing for Dr. Oz, so you’ll have to tune in or check back to the website to find out if your question will be answered on the show.


Here’s a hint: did you write to Dr. Oz asking about explosive diarrhea? If so, you won’t want to miss his demonstration coming up on April 3 2012.

Dr Oz: Shocking Medical Questions

What have you always wondered about your health? You may get an answer when Dr. Oz teams with his guests to tackle sensitive and important medical information.

Here’s my question: if these people are too embarrassed to bring up these medical concerns with their doctor in private, how does Dr. Oz get them to open up in front of a national TV audience of millions?

If you want to see how he does it, set your DVR for the next Dr Oz Show, coming April 3 2012. Or bookmark Recapo so you can be sure to get a full report after the show, with answers to all the day’s questions.


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