Dr Oz: What is the Antibiotic Apocalypse & Are Antibiotics Harmful?

Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out why bacteria may become resistant to antibiotics and learn what different body language could mean to your health:

Dr Oz Preview March 11 2013

Dr. Oz has a health alert you are not going to want to miss on his March 11 2013 episode. Have you ever heard of the “antibiotic apocalypse?” Dr. Oz says the overuse of antibiotics could be causing a strain of a deadly superbug that has become immune to all types of antibiotics. Could the answer be to get rid of antibiotics for good and come up with other solutions or should health professionals figure out a way to beat the superbug?

Dr Oz: What is the Antibiotic Apocalypse & Are Antibiotics Harmful?

Dr Oz March 11 2013 has an important health announcement about the potential dangers of antibiotics and he explains what the antibiotic apocalypse is.

Dr Oz: Superbug Caused By Antibiotic Apocalypse

Dr. Oz is bringing on a guest to discuss the shocking information that has the medical world turned upside down. You might just want to wait for the show to air before you take any more antibiotics. Dr. Oz said this dangerous health crisis causes harmless illnesses to become very harmful to your health, even to the point of death.

Many doctors would claim the best way to treat an illness is to prescribe an antibiotic but have they been prescribing too many? Have our bodies and the illnesses they are trying to treat become immune to the antibiotics? Dr. Oz seems to think so and he is devoting a whole show to the issue.

Dr Oz: Do Antibiotics Really Work?

Dr. Oz is going to reveal shocking news about antibiotic medication that will have you thinking twice before heading to the doctor’s office for a checkup and some antibiotics. Dr. Oz said he is startled at the new information he has learned about antibiotics. They could be making you sicker than you already are.

Dr. Oz is going to help his audience decipher all the information and let them know what they need to do next time they get sick.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz March 11 2013 to learn what Dr. Oz has to say about about antibiotics and the potential harm they are causing our bodies. If you miss of the information from this health alert, stop by Recapo Monday afternoon for a full recap of the show.

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