Dr Oz Ultimate Detox Cleanse Week: Belly Fat-Fighting Food & Exercises


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out how to fight belly bloat and what you can do to combat cellulite:

Dr Oz April 29 2013 Preview

On April 29 2013, Dr. Oz is kicking off the beginning of May with an entire week of episodes he is calling his “Ultimate Detox Cleanse Week: Overhaul Your Body.” These brand new episodes will teach viewers how to acquire the tools they need to cleanse themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. From must-have foods in the fridge to detox exercises to fat fighting juice cleanses, Dr. Oz is letting out all the secrets of detox.


On his first episode of the week, Dr. Oz is teaching everyone about the belly and walking the audience through the necessary steps to clean out the gut.

Dr Oz Ultimate Detox Cleanse Week: Belly Fat-Fighting Food & Exercises

Dr Oz has an entire week planned for ultimate detox programs. April 29 2013 he is going over the best belly fat-fighting food and exercises.

Dr Oz: Seven Parts Of the Belly

Dr. Oz is teaching his audience about the belly April 29 2013. He is going to walk them through the seven parts of the belly and demonstrate the steps that need to be taken to rev up your metabolism, blast fat, shrink fat cells, detox the gut, beat bloat, lose the love handles and tighten up your core. He has the cleanse that will get your energy back and have you looking slimmer than ever.


Belly Fat-Fighting Exercises

Dr. Oz is also going to call on experts to go over some of the best belly fat-fighting exercises everyone can do from the comfort of their own home.

Belly Fat-Fighting Foods

Lastly, Dr. Oz is going over the different foods that are key to restoring your health and detoxing your body. You are not going to believe the types of foods that can detox your body.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz April 29 2o13 to find out what foods you need to buy and what exercises you need to do to cleanse your body. If you miss any of the information from this episode stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show.



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    Hi Cory,I just want to thank you for the effort you take into selecting the special articles you post on your site. I find anything health related very interesting. I live in South Africa and we are far behind with the both, The Doctors and Dr Oz’s programes. In fact the haven’t bought the new series, but they are giving us reruns. I find this very frustrsting. So thank you for keeping us up to date. Keep up the good work. I might be emigrating to Australia, so if I put my details on here or email you, will you still send me information in Australia? Bless you for keeping us up to date.

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