Dr Oz: Turn Back Aging & Take 10 Years Off Your Face


Dr Oz: Are You Aging Too Fast?

You know how old you are, and every birthday, you add another number to the total, at least if you’re being honest. But did you know that your chronological age and your body’s health age might not be the same?

It’s true that our behaviors and habits can affect the way our bodies age, from the inside out. So how do you know whether something you are doing is causing your body to age prematurely? On the March 30 2012 show, Dr. Oz is exploring what everyone should know.


Dr Oz: 10 Years Younger

Learn how to reverse aging signs & look 10 years younger on Dr Oz's March 30 2012 show.

Learn the signs to look out for that could mean you’re aging too fast, coming up on this new episode.

Doctor Oz: How To Turn Back The Clock

Learn how you can turn back the clock on premature aging. According to Dr. Oz, the good news about some of these Age Warning Signs is that it’s not too late to make changes that can help you reverse the effects and damage.


All of us want to look and feel young again, and while we may never recapture the energy and vitality of our teens and 20s, we can still find ways to improve our youthful appearance and boost our energy levels.

Dr. Oz will show warning signs from the head to the knees, and share the secrets of what our outward appearance means for our body’s internal age. It’s all coming up on March 30 2012.

Dr Oz: Take 10 Years Off Your Face

One thing you have to give Dr. Oz credit for is that he doesn’t pretend to know it all. He’s very good about turning to experts when he doesn’t know the answer, and he always seems open to learning about new ideas and products.

For the March 30 2012 edition of his show, he will invite experts to show you the drugstore and pharmacy finds that can help you take 10 years off your face. Find the products you’ll want to add to your shopping list, to get healthier, younger looking skin.

Don’t worry if you miss the episode, because you can read all about the show segments and products on Recapo after the broadcast.


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