Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss & Safe Fish with The Chew’s Mario Batali


Dr Oz February 10 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

If there’s one topic that people want advice on from Dr Oz and others, it is how to lose more fat. There are countless episodes devoted to this topic, and there always seems to be another angle to explore. Tune in on Monday, February 10 as Dr Oz explains his latest strategy to Triple Your Fat Loss. Get ideas about bonus foods and supplements you can use to tweak your plan to achieve your personal best.


Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss

Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss & Safe Fish with The Chew's Mario Batali

Dr Oz is showing you the latest innovative secrets that could help to Triple Your Fat Loss on a brand new show coming Feb. 10; safe fish with Mario Batali.

What is the trailblazing new method that could have you seeing explosive results when you Triple Your Fat Loss? You are going to have to watch Dr Oz’s Monday episode to find out for yourself, and you probably will not want to waste any time putting this advice into action.

For those of you who have been doing all the right things and just need a push to keep your momentum going, this could change the way you approach your diet and health. Food can be part of the answer, and Dr Oz has some supplement advice as well. Get all the information from this February 10 show, along with three bonus foods you will want to know more about.


Dr Oz: Mario Batali Safe Fish

There has been a lot in the news over the past several months regarding the safety of our supply of fish. Now The Chew co-host and chef Mario Batali is visiting Dr Oz to share some advice about how to know which fish is safe to consume, and the best ways to prepare it in your own home kitchen.

The Chew chef will be visiting Dr Oz on this Monday’s episode, so you can get some meal advice along with your health news. Tune in February 10.

But that’s not all. Get the latest data on coconut water, see what Pinterest can show you about health and improving your life, and check in with one of Dr Oz’s most controversial and provocative guests, Dr Joe Mercola. That’s all coming up on Monday.


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