Dr Oz: Transgender Families & When My Husband Became A Woman


Dr Oz: Transgender Families

What would you do if you were trapped in the wrong body? It’s a question that’s being asked and discussed more and more in recent years. Coming up on the March 29 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, find out firsthand what it is like for transgender people and their families.

They will share their stories of struggle and striving for their outward appearance to match how they feel inside. Learn what it’s like to feel like you don’t see yourself looking back at you in the bathroom mirror.


Dr Oz: Sex Reassignment

Dr. Oz takes us inside Transgender Families & Sex Reassignment Surgery on March 29 2012.

Dr Oz: Sex Reassignment Surgery

This is still a controversial topic for many people who don’t understand the idea of being Transgender or want to debate the rights of Transgender citizens in America. But one of Dr. Oz’s guests has a unique perspective and will take us inside this compelling medical world.

Dr. Oz will meet a surgeon who performs Sex Reassignment Surgery and knows firsthand what patients are going through, because she has had the procedure done herself. It’s a complex medical process, and we will go inside the step by step journey coming up on the March 29 2012 edition of the show.


Dr Oz: When My Husband Became A Woman

Dr. Oz will also meet real families who will share what it’s like to go through this process with a loved one. Hear their stories of love and perseverance. How far would you be willing to go to support someone you love? It’s a question that’s being put to the test in some amazingly strong relationships, coming up on the March 29 2012 episode of Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz: Sex Change Surgery

This controversial episode is sure to spark conversation and debate from viewers on all sides of the issues. What is your opinion of the show? What are you most curious about learning on this subject? Dr. Oz will take an in depth look, and you know he will present an unbiased view of the hot topics, as he always does.

It should be interesting to see Dr. Oz explore an important and newsworthy topic that I’m sure we can all learn something new about. Set your DVR or bookmark Recapo to be sure you get all the details on this broadcast.


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